Naughty Space Pirates Get Their Booty Punished

This original fantasy/sci-fi piece is by Italian illustrator “Klauth,” as seen on the art forum AnimeOTK, and features some unique pirate booty tanning in a domestic discipline, Mom & Daughter setting. And yes the are supposed to be pirates from outerspace who believe in old-fashioned behavior modification, with some high-tech assistance.

You will want to click on the image to enlarge and check out the details and some nifty visuals to ponder. Ever seen anything like this before ?

CLICK TO ENLARGE. Original Art by “Klauth”

Anyway, just when I think I’ve seen it all with this fetish, ya’ ain’t seen nothing yet.

Or perhaps you know you sometimes get a bit weary of it at times ? A little spanko burn-out? But then I see something completely fresh and original like the above illo, that captures the imagination and titillates the soul — and feeds the fetish.

I didn’t pick this fetish. I think it picked me. But it needs regular feeding. And great art, such as the unique visions of Klauth, works quite well.

Do you like this illo? Do you not like it? DON’T BE SHY MY FRIENDS. COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. If you haven’t noticed, I really love when folks leave comments and feedback. 🙂

[Like this artist? Another sizzler from Klauth was featured recently in the post called “The Art of the Spank.”]

[Editorial Note: This blog in no way condones the spanking and discipline of naughty, spoiled space pirate daughters by their old-fashioned space pirate Moms. Thank you.]

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6 thoughts on “Naughty Space Pirates Get Their Booty Punished”

  1. Thanks, Dave, like you say, always looking for something new.

    Congrats on the Celtics destruction of the Lakers. 🙂


  2. Very interesting Dave! Yes, this fetish is definitely one that needs to be fed, I don’t think any of us chose it, but I can definitely say I’m glad to be a part of it!! Hmm…I think I just dug out some old daisy dukes on my last purge the closet for good will spree…maybe I’ll do a post this week in your honor, LOL!!!



  3. This isn’t one of my favorite’s of his work, but the details just make it a very admirable work in general. I know the artist who requested this trade on AOTK CM_Zero ( ) and the setting is very typical of his fantasy-interest.

    I personally dislike mom/daughter settings, so I don’t find a lot of appeal in this particular picture, but I still enjoy Klauth’s amazing comic book-like style.

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