The Voyeuristic Urge of a SpankoSexual

Aren’t we all voyeurs really? When ya get right down to it? Does the idea of peeking through the proverbial keyhole to witness a good, hot spanking appeal to you? It sounds exquisite to me.

I love this voyeuristic angle, especially the above striking photo which truly gives you the sense, the perspective, the feeling of sneaking in to view some butt blistering.

This photo features Lena Ramon and Chloe Elise courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl. These images are from Clare Fonda’s ass-scorching domestic discipline epic called “Call Me First,” which also stars the lovely Sarah Gregory. I think Lena Ramon is playing the firm Mom here? Ouchies.

[In other news, casting has begun for Clare Fonda’s continuing schoolgirl spankfest saga–EE3: Exclusive Education, Part Three. Stay tuned for the latest. For more sweetness, check out Clare’s flagship site: Spanked Sweeties.]

* * *

The second photo below features new spankee Angel — who I believe is a real-life naughty teenager at 19 — getting a tanning in a classic Dad spanks naughty Daughter scenario courtesy of Real Life Spankings. What a delicious photo from the good folks at RLS. They also have recently featured some very unique outdoor bottom tannings recently, and a double-otk spanking that is intriguing to say the least.

Anyway, I can imagine myself hearing the spanks, and then cracking the door just a tiny bit, and seeing this gorgeous view of her pink bottom matching her pink pjs.

Thoughts, comments, etc welcome as always.

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10 thoughts on “The Voyeuristic Urge of a SpankoSexual”

  1. that is one of my fave sites, because they Do look like real life lessons! Both of the parental and domestic discipline kind.

  2. Hi, Lena actually plays the aunt in the video to Chloe and Sarah. I was the mom and thanks for celebrating the voyeuristic angle it was my favorite part of the shoot. xxx

  3. Back in 1961 there was a trailer for the
    movie “please turn over” about a young
    girl who wrote a racy book which was
    actually about her family and neighbors.
    As you watch the trailer you are hearing
    the sounds of a spanking and at the end
    you approach a keyhole to see her over
    Father’s lap. I wish could see it again –
    right along the lines of this ‘voyeuristic”
    urge topic.

  4. Arenโ€™t we all voyeurs really? When ya get right down to it?
    Well I can be on a good day.

    Does the idea of peeking through the proverbial keyhole to witness a good, hot spanking appeal to you?
    Yes… and so nice that you find some of those key holes for us.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Honey

  5. yes, we are all voyeurs, even as participants we are hoping to distance ourselves and see the action from outside…thank god for cameras!
    Love your blog Dave! Always a fun read.
    Someday we should talk guitars as well…
    Mr. Williams

  6. I’m not a voyeur. I’m an “appreciative viewer/listener”.

    Anyone out there actually catch any actual spanking unexpectedly (kids don’t count)? Have a few times seen couples give/get a swat or two when they thought no one was looking.

  7. I must admit one of the kicks in my youth was peering through the keyhole, at anything gave me a superiority of some sort. That was until my Aunt caught me watching my elder cousin enjoying himself. Well I was 15 and had never been slapped in my life so imagine the horror of having to bend over my Aunts knees to have my bottom spanked.
    The shame of having my skirt pulled up and then tights pulled down was terrible but some how I enjoyed it.
    Don’t ask me why good 30 years ago but I’ve never been lucky enough since

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