Kasia: Super Spankable

OK. It’s tushy time.

I’ve been thinking about posting a shrine to this spankable for a while. Meet super cyber hottie Kasia, the hottest thing to come out of Poland since….since I don’t know when. Click here for the rest of Kasia’s schoolgirl gallery. Yum. Does the naughty schoolgirl thing ever get old, dear readers? I’m thinking that’s a no.

And there’s a vid of her dancing with the stars in that skimpy schoolgirlie outfit. Shake that thing, Kasia! You know, I emailed her to see if she’d like to be a Summer Intern at The Cherry Red Report — no response as of yet. *sigh*

Currently shooting for the intriguingly named soft-core tease site Face Down Ass Up University, Kasia is one of the most deliciously spankable, terribly naughty cuties I’ve seen in forever. I’d put her up there with Kari Sweets, who I’ve only blogged about 28 times or so on the Dukes Blog and this blog. My sources inform me Kasia is 20 but she sure has that sassy teenager thing down perfect. The Face Down site is basically a shrine to the schoolgirl fetish and I’m wondering if the site designer, Phil-Flash, might be a spanko. He’s definitely a Kinko.

Spankos sure love their panties, talking about ’em, wearin’ em, debating thongs vs. bikinis, spanking them, and this image…well…that is art.

And if you see some of her teaser vids such as this..errm…self-pleasuring video clip, you’ll see why. [translation: doggy-style dildo video.:shock:

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6 thoughts on “Kasia: Super Spankable”

  1. *YUM*
    Wouldn’t the last picture of her spankable pantie clad ass look even hotter if her bottom cheeks were rosy red peeking out from under the panties!

    Great position for a spanking too!!

  2. Peachie: Of course it is an accredited University. Don’t be silly.

    Michelle: Yum is right and I totally agree with you. However, she’d look even yummier over my toned thighs 🙂

  3. Wow! Kasia is just Gorgeous!!!! I never heard of these group of sites before, thanks Dave…think my members in SG and GirlsBottom will get a few banners advertising this wonderful site now! That site deserves promoting just for Kasia’s wonderful butt!
    Awesome! 🙂

    Chief (in the cold shower)

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