The Saga Continues: Exclusive Education, Part 3

Who needs summer blockbusters like Indiana Jones or WALL-E [amazing film, btw] or Hellboy, Part Two? Are you ready for the annual assfest from the unstoppable Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl site that is Exclusive Education, Part Three? The expected release date for EE3 is mid-August or thereabouts. [In other news, Clare recently rolled out a revamped Clare Fonda Pass.]

This cinematic spanko saga carries on with an eclectic cast of 10 plaid-obsessed, sassy schoolgirls with sizzled bottoms at the capable hands, and hairbrushes, of Lana and Clare.

[The Exclusive Education series, including EE1 and EE Part Deux, can be seen in their entirety on her Girl Spanks Girl site.]

Extra: Click on the gallery here for some hot EE2 sample pix.

Threw together this little teaser poster for your viewing enjoyment:

Related Post: For more pix and info from EE2, and EE1, check out this Cherry Red post on Clare from June 2007.

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6 thoughts on “The Saga Continues: Exclusive Education, Part 3”

  1. Is Beveryly Bacci the one with that poor bruised bottom at the end of the elbow in the middle of the pic? I was just going to say that girl looks like she definitely got a thrashing alright. 😉

  2. Did they do two photoshoots like this?

    I remember they did one just like this not too long ago, it was pretty good but they are too similar imo.

    Clare Fonda always puts out good stuff though dont get me wrong im a big fan.

  3. Cannot wait for this. TEN girls!! Some of my favorites and some ones I haven’t seen before. Kay’s looking hotter than ever and you just know that Clares spanking has gotten harder than ever since she started spanking guys 😛

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