Retro Spanko Vintage Magazines

I can’t get enough of retro spanko erotica.

Ah, the glorious days of classic, sometimes cheesy, spanking periodicals.

[Did you carelessly toss your stash of vintage spanking magazines in the trash like this blogger did, when that whole Internet thing started? British mags like Janus or the still published Kane Magazine, and stateside ones like SpankHard, mags from ShadowLane, and Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking magazine…well, they are collectible now it appears.] Many of these magazines were top-notch and had advice columns, interviews, personal ads and more.

These two vintage images (from the 70’s or early 80’s?), as seen on the fascinating and massive French blog focused on red asses in pop culture, Autour de la Fesse, indicate while fashion and hair styles have changed, a toasty tanned backside, to resort to cliche, will never go out of style.

Plus who would not want to peruse such titillating features like “My Loving Bitch Boss,” or “Spank a Pickup Divorcee”(?) seen on the cover of “SWAT.”

And there’s a burgeoning underground market for rare BDSM/spanking mags–check out pop erotica smut purveyor Vintage Sleaze to start your own collection.

Spanking publisher Scarlett Hill still publishes spanking magazines the good old fashioned way, so do check ’em out. And Chelsea Pfeiffer’s new site of “vintage” spankobilia, Good Spanking Classics, brings back the golden days.

What a yummy spankee on that cover on the left, with the tanned, toned legs and pigtails. Mmm.

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A wonderful vintage spanking magazine cover from 1949. What a gem with a beautiful photo. Wonder if I could find a copy on eBay…..

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4 thoughts on “Retro Spanko Vintage Magazines”

  1. Back in the bad old days when these magazines were my only way to explore the spanking scene, I used to look forward to finding a new issue of whatever it was. The 70s magazines were always the worst with the strangest poses and oddest implements (not to mention the over-the-top facial expressions).

    The worst things about them were the captions to the the photo spreads – often written in a bizarre approximation of Victorian English. “Her hitherto unblemished nates were covered in rosy welts” – and other such nonsense.

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  3. It’s hard to resist responding to any post that gives a detailed retrospective of the darkest ages of spank mags, the 70s and early 80s. I still have boxes of ’em, having offloaded a number of them to former play partners who went on to sell them on eBay with my blessing. “Erotic Spanking Fantasies,” “Clenched Cheeks,” “Aching Asses,” “Eros Goldstripe” pulps, all had to serve their purpose when there was nothing else around. Awful scenarios, such as one I recall with two awkwardly positioned models–one of them raising a high heel shoe with the spiked heel pointing downward as if to suggest it was about to impale the model whose ass was pointed skyward, with this caption:
    “SHE WIPS (sic)YOU.” UFB! Thanks to Eve Howard ,writing as Lizzie Bennett, who, in 1984, finally created the paradigm shift that led to Shadow Lane, the internet, and the seemingly unlimited treasury of spanko media available present day. LDL’s “Spank Hard” and “Chastise” set the tone and everything flowed from there. I can’t address this subject without including this caption from one of those godawful 70s spankmags, which appeared under a b&w photo of a serial-killer type man handspanking a woman who was face down in a field of high grass just off a highway:
    “Beating the bare meat of an exposed female rump excites a sick sadist.” My, how things have changed! Thanks, Eve!

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