Fetch Me The Belt: Spank Art From Kami Tora

The latest art from the famed manga & anime illustrator Kami Tora. [For more spanking art, check out his exclusive feature posted last year on CRR.] This new piece is, appropriately enough, entitled “Fetch.”

While he also draws some hardcore non-spanko illos that are not my thing, Kami Tora’s spanking work is alluring and erotic. And his ability to draw a red-hued tanned bottom that looks like it’s literally glowing is a talent unmatched. But in this case here, we have the waiting.

The expectation and the apprehension. And the belt. Ah yes, and the pink shorts dangling at the thigh….making me think of daisy dukes.

Your thoughts?

Hm……Perhaps I should have titled this post “Waiting For Daddy, Part Deux” ? [see previous post on similar, yet ever popular topic.]

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11 thoughts on “Fetch Me The Belt: Spank Art From Kami Tora”

  1. 😛 Well! You can just smack me upside the head with a
    That’s the cutest damn thang I’ve seen in long, long, time.

    I love anime..So spankable-cute!

  2. I had originally drawn this one with a “post-spanking aftermath” in mind, but as I got the pose worked out, I thought it looked more “expectant”.
    I thought the belt “fetch” would definitely establish that this girl is being obedient to her “alpha”.
    To follow up the doggy idea, I gave her a little tail wiggle.
    This was also originally going to be a housewife, maybe greeting her husband for a long lunch, but once I decided on the pink cockteasing shorts, I knew this one had to be a brat.
    Thanks for the feature, Dave, and thanks for commenting, everyone!
    Kami Tora

  3. His pictures are beautiful – i went back and looked at the other ones you posted and the one lying on the couch is perfect.
    In this current one, you can see the anticipatory tears and a bit of shaking…excellently captured!!
    Thanks Dave for sharing this artist with us!
    (the title definitely works!)

  4. Radagast: I love giving readers ideas.

    Brush: Bring me with ya when you go.

    Will: indeed, manga/anime characters all seem to rate quite high on the cuteness meter.

    Kami Tora: Thank you very much for the background on this illo and keep up the great spanking art !

    Imp: I agree–that earlier couch pic by Kami Tora is perfect.

  5. This was one of Kamitora’s cutest works. Almost a little too subbish for my own tastes, but that bottom is just too beautiful. ^^ Thanks for the great blog, Dave.

  6. I like how her bottom quivers. It is womanly and inviting. The little vixen has the look that she KNOWS she has this spanking coming, and is ready to take it (because, of course, she needs at as much as she dreads it). Classic.

    All I can say is: MORE!!!!


  7. I found it more than a little disturbing but then my tastes run more toward pure spanking and less toward sub or whatever you’d call being treated like like a dog. The tears just make it worse (at least I assume those are tears). To each his own I suppose.

  8. Should add that tears and subbiness aside, I do love a picture that leaves something to the imagination. Much prefer pics that are of the before, as opposed to during and after. There is just something about that sense of anticipation that gets me every time.

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