Brushing Up: Spank Art by Kami Tora

Thank you to the alert reader who notified me about the most recent spanking artwork by Kami Tora, entitled “Brushing Up.”

One word: Exquisite.  fyi: More Kami Tora can be found here. Enjoy!

Brushing Up

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9 Responses to Brushing Up: Spank Art by Kami Tora

  1. cometospk says:

    Oh my favorite drawer is still kicking! You Know I love her work ( I think she´s a woman, isn´t she?).
    Her drawings are as you´ve said exquisite and reflect perfectly the erotic way of spanking moving away for the discplinary forms that I don´t really like.

    Greetings from Spain

  2. Cc says:

    Actually cometospk, Kami Tora is a male.

    I agree that often times Kami Tora manages to capture very erotic sides of spanking–his talents with Photoshop (or whatever program he uses) and the human form in general always create an amazing, unique work.

    Some of his stuff is a bit harsher, and more hardcore BSDM (sp?) but I do love his X/F spanking artwork such as this one. This is probably my new favorite of his~what with her outfit, expression, red bottom, and obvious arousal. Really a girl after my own heart 😉

    Thanks for making this a post, Dave!

  3. Angie says:

    lovely, the cute nighty and panty set, pretty face, pouty lips, touseled hair….


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  5. Kami Tora says:

    This is actually an Eric Stanton character from way back. I really dig the feel of domestic discipline set in the 50s/60s. It was fun to do a tribute pic and try my hand at the frilly, translucent nightie. There’s a much more sophisticated look to the clothing and traditions from that era (no doubt clouded by a sense of nostalgia). My favorite part is the hairstyle, and I think I’d like to do more, but it’s kind of a bitch.

    I’d also love to spank a women’s libber from the 60s/70s (maybe with her own protest sign (^_^)!

    Too many ideas, not enough time!

  6. cherryred says:

    I can see we have a lot of Kami Tora fans.

    And thank you Kami Tora for your art, and for you comments on your inspiration for this piece.

  7. Peachie says:

    Would be more erotic if she wasn’t crying. Love erotic spanking pics but alas, they are so difficult to find. Its either raunchy, BDSM stuff or discipline. Really love realistic looking ones in particular, as opposed to overly cartoony. Can’t get turned on by a cartoon. But that is just me.

    You certainly seem to be in an anime mood these days Dave:)

  8. alexa says:

    I’ve fallen in love with Kima Tora’s work where can i findmore of it?????

  9. cherryred says:

    hi alexa, you can try which has a large archive. enjoy:)


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