Niki Flynn: An American Brat In London

Kind of a random post, but I’ve always been a fan of this older image, and wondered what the story behind it was.

Maybe it’s the cute socks and perfect bottoms-up, over-the-lap positioning? Her expressiveness?

And then there is something about a well-dressed older gentleman with a much younger spankee, which adds a healthy dose of ass-sizzling, steamy hot realism.

These classic video grabs from Spanked Schoolgirl, feature the lovely Niki Flynn as a spoiled, incorrigible niece, and her wonderfully old-fashioned Uncle. This tried-and-true scenario never gets old.

[On a literary note, Niki is the author of the acclaimed memoir Dances with Werewolves, about her experiences and journeys in the fetish scene. Congrats to Niki, who has been nominated for The Erotic Awards for her book.]

Anyway, these photos have always intrigued The Cherry Red Report, so we asked Niki Flynn for the lowdown, the behind-the-scenes info on this spanktastic imagery:

“This was a really fun shoot for me – my first Strictly English film. My friend Lee (she’s also my ballet teacher) was in the room watching the shoot, so I was doubly

nervous and trying desperately to keep my feet turned out in case she noticed.”

“The film’s called “An American Brat in London” and I was sent to England because my parents thought I needed his brand of discipline. <g> I was sleeping late, listening to the TV too loud, etc. Just being generally insufferable.”

“My ‘Uncle’ was a lovely guy and he had an answer for all my bratty backchat, which I loved.”

“To answer your question–What was I thinking during this moment? Hmmm… The word ‘Ouch’ springs to mind!”

These are actual screen grabs (as opposed to posed stills), so that “pain face” is real. And look how red my bottom is…”

“It was a pretty uncomfortable train ride back to London with my friend Lee after the shoot, but it really was delightful having a friend with me. I wonder if the other passengers overheard our conversation?”

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6 thoughts on “Niki Flynn: An American Brat In London”

  1. The fringe and the pony tail was an unusual hair style for Niki, in this film, but suited her very well and fitted in with the youthful character portrayed in the scene. Sometimes small things can add a lot, image wise.


  2. Niki, Niki, Niki…

    Your chastiser is English, so he does *not* speak English with an accent. Foreigners, Murrcans for example, have accents!

    That said, it *is* a really cute video.

    Yrs in pervery, Adrian

  3. “To answer your question–What was I thinking during this moment? Hmmm… The word ‘Ouch’ springs to mind!”
    Gotta love the honesty:)

    I just have to ask. Who invites their ballet teacher to a spanking video shoot???

    In spite of his age, I also have to give kudos to the dress shirt and slacks. Almost as good as a suit 😉

    Adore handspankings too.

  4. Niki Flynn is my new best girl. She’s in good company, because before her there was Rosaleen Young and Pixie Wells, probably the two most spankable devourable girls on the planet, and now I’m very pleased to add Niki to my list of heartbreakers.

  5. I love “American Brat”. One of my favorite spanking videos. Niki is perfect as the cute-looking , bright, rebellious teen. Her uncle is in control, and a quite suitably respectable authority figure. Modern girl meets traditional comeuppance. The spankings and accompanying ritual are genuine and with little compromise allowed for our humbled heroine.

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