Of Boards and Butts: Art by Dave Wolfe

You know, they really should allow spanking in the workplace. Don’t you think?

Big thanks to Dave Wolfe for sending this top-notch illo to CRR. Mr. Wolfe, who was recently interviewed and featured on this blog in a thrilling blog post located HERE, creates his lighthearted comics exclusively for the Discipline and Desire fiction website.

Editorial Note: In sizzling spankable bottom news, The Daisy Dukes Report, “The global leader in short-shorts pix,” received a bit of a makeover, with a spiffy new ‘daisy’-inspired banner design, and new color scheme. Same great taste! Exciting new look! Feel free to leave comments on that blog too, if you so desire.

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9 thoughts on “Of Boards and Butts: Art by Dave Wolfe”

  1. Thanks very much for the post and the D&D plug, Dave! 😀 I hope I remembered to thank you properly here before– I have Mad Cow. (OK, maybe I don’t, but that excuse works for Denny Crane!)

    Thanks, Peachie, glad you liked the suit– me, too! I took some trouble to recreate the one an imminently spankable feminine individual of my acquaintance was wearing!

    I can’t say enough about my co-creators at “Discipline And Desire”– some of the brightest, funniest, most caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know, and BOY, can they write a horny spanking story!

    Besides D&D, they also have some short story collections you might want to have a peek at on Lulu.com and Fictionwise eBooks! Oh, come to think of it, there are some WolfieToon collections at Lulu,com, too! 😀

  2. The WolfieToon collections are two different books. One is in color, while the other is in black and white. Excellent work. Thanks Dave.

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  4. I like how she’s angry (or cross, perhaps) but she doesn’t seem to resist or avoid the smacks. She’s getting her CEO Ivy League tailored ass whacked, and she’s angry, but in her mind, like all Bond Villains, she thinks “well played, sir… well played.”

    I see this as a low point for the lass, but not the end of the story. No, my dears, this female has the aspect of the tiger, and she shall have her revenge. Her sore bottomed, well spanked revenge. I hope Perkins has good insurance.

    Thank you.


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