Is This What Heaven Looks Like?

Image source and photographer unknown.

Such multitude of bottoms imagery is obviously a recurring thematic icon throughout the history of spankosexualism, as evidenced by the classic photo below from Clare Fonda’s continuing epic: Exclusive Education, Part 3, from Girl Spanks Girl.

[Translation: It’s just freakin’ hot.]

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6 thoughts on “Is This What Heaven Looks Like?”

  1. I’m sure I saw it said somewhere that the top picture is of some Brazilian sports team. Not sure which sport.

    Abel had it as his desktop background for a while… gave his business quite a shock for accidentally peeking at the screen. *g*

  2. “Image source and photographer unknown” – The top photo is from a shoot that the Brazilian women’s national football (soccer) team did for Playboy, from a couple of years ago (it was the real team not just a bunch of models pretending to be the team). You can see more photos of them at

    They where not the only ones, the Australian womens team did a nude calendar.

    Women’s football (soccer) is a lot better than men’s


  3. Haha, such variety! Nice find, truly is a spankable train, is it not? It probably is heaven to most spanko’s–those of the spanker viewpoint anyways. Being a submissive myself I don’t think it’s my personal definition of heaven, but I definitely still appreciate it!

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