Big thanks to artist Franco for sending this sizzling illustration to The Cherry Red Report.

I believe this is the first sub male art ever posted on the blog!:shock: Would love to get your feedback–feel free to take the scientifically designed poll below.

As we are an open-minded site interested in the fascinating variations of the spanking kink, and as we have received requests to feature some posts about male spanking, do stay tuned for a more in-depth feature on this intriguing artist whose embrace of the eroticism of hot spanking — well-tanned male behinds, that is — is second to none.

[This blog in no way condones the spanking of any student for reading this blog during class. Now wait a minute. Hm…..On second thought, we do condone it. Commence rump roasting.]

* * *

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9 thoughts on “Franco”

  1. If it’s of the quality like the one above – bring it on, man! Those stretched white briefs and a flaming arse, mmmm….

    (Actually, bring it on if it’s of any old quality. I love m/m, and never get enough of it.)

    (Actually, it’s your blog so do what you like, but that goes without saying!)

  2. I’m not personally much of a x/M fan, and this blog has always focused on the spanking of females, specifically, which I think most people here generally come to this blog looking for. ^^; At least, I do. However I’ve done a few (2) F/M drawings myself, so I can’t be a hypocrite…But it’s not my personal preference.

    Anyways, that’s my 2 cents as a female spankee!! Keep up the good work, no matter what you decide to post next! Hehe. =) 😛

  3. I am also a female spankee (well not at present but you know what I mean) and I have no idea why but I think m/m is fun. The drawing is pretty great though. You always do a good job though so your fans will keep coming back.

  4. I’ve featured an art work by Franco as well, I find his work very unique.

    As an F/m player who enjoys M/f and F/f material as well, I would say that I enjoy the general little “f” tempo of your blog and think that most of the time that is the way you should go (your good at that kind of posting) but the odd post featuring little “m’s” would be nice.

    This post has made me think. F/m, M/f and F/f fans all seem to get on and there is a lot of interaction between us but there does seem to be a lack of communication between all of us and the M/m world. It does seem a shame that there is such a separation within the spanko world.


  5. I think if most spankers were honest with themselves, they wouldn’t mind a bare male ass clenching and squirming across their laps from time to time, howling from a hard hairbrushing or strapping. Of course any non-sexual spanking, especially a hard one, must eventually be followed by some sweet relief, otherwise a guy is liable to explode from all that repressed sexual tension. There’s a lot to be said for a trip to the barn or woodshed for wayward lads who just can’t seem to behave. Of course if your babygirl is waiting inside for daddy to return and spank her as well, then the possibilities for relief are many. Just for the record, I’m one of those folks who cannot help but get very worked up at the thought of spanking some soft smooth asscheeks. And when a particularly sound spanking has just occured, with lots of wiggling and kicking and squirming, then the need for release is very great.

  6. I think is so ok. But I like more when the thing is female spanking male. The guy who spanks the boy is not very attractive to my taste :???:. I like more when the spanker is a female :wink:. I love to see male spanking, it bring me rmembers of my childhood and I really think is good to see more of this. But please, the spanker must be a women.

  7. I get very tunred on watching a man spank another man especially if it is a father and son type thing. My boyfriends who were spanked by their dads – I make them tell me about it.

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