The Fantasy World of Klauth

Beguiling new artwork from one of my favorite illustrators: the always original artist known as “Klauth.” This highly-detailed fantasy piece, entitled “Mom’s Last Gift,” leaves much to the wild imagination. For more Klauth features on CRR, point your browser HERE or HERE. Enjoy!

For Klauth’s explanation of this piece, scroll down.

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Klauth offers some background on this illustration, as originally seen on Anime OTK:

This young bride, just while going to the altar, had her skirt caught on some kind of branch, and she remained with her butt completely bared…not enough: just a moment before, answering to a little criticism from her mother, she had the bad idea to get smart with her, saying she was finally free to do whatever she wanted.

“I should have done this long time ago – said her mother – …but I think I’m in time to put things right. Take off that skirt, you little brat.”

“Now, while people around begin to whisper and laugh in a low voice, pointing to her red buttocks, she wished she had not answered to her mother quite like that. . . ”

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5 thoughts on “The Fantasy World of Klauth”

  1. This is great.

    I still can’t get into “animeotk” – keep getting this message about their server:

    Safari could not open the page “” because the server is not responding.

  2. hi dave – i checked out the links to your other Klauth illustrations, they are amazing, but i think this one is my favourite!
    thanks for posting them!!

  3. I agree Gabriella.

    Charlie–I can log on to animeotk–somethings up with your system.

    Hi Imp–Glad you are enjoying. Stay tuned for more artistry from Klauth.

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