Ice, Ice Baby: Of Kami Tora and Pixie

Wonderful new tushy cooling art from Kami Tora, entitled “Jasmine.”

In a perfect world, I wish Kami would focus on spanking obviously, but, alas, his kinky interests range far and wide, into some of the most bizarre fetish art I have ever seen. Not my thing at all. More spanking pls, Kami Tora!

So how do you cool down a steamy, sizzling, well-tanned bottom? As pictured above, a handy ice-pack is one option.

The lovely and ever thoughtful Pixie, of Punished Brats fame, has a wonderful, informative posterior care primer on this bottom soothing topic. [BTW–Pixie has one of the coolest blogs in blogland.]

Also big congrats to Pixie to raising over $1,000 through her blog via her “Cause for Paws” initiative, with 100% of donations going to a local animal shelter.

This is a fantastic model of using our blogs to help those in need. We all can find inspiration and ideas from Pixie’s charitable work.:smile:

* * *

Speaking of Punished Brats, they have a new bottom, and have secured the services of a leggy brunette by the name of Vanessa Vix. Can’t wait to see more.

New spanking model Vanessa Vix squirms delightfully over the seasoned lap of a smartly-dressed David Pierson. Love those tangled panties at her ankles.

CRR asked David Pierson for the lowdown on Vanessa Vix:

“Well, this was her first spanking shoot. She was adorable. Reminded me of the first time we shot with Sarah Gregory.”

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