New Tushy Alert: Kissy Capri at Spanked Sweeties

Introducing the long-awaited, highly-anticipated debut of Kissy Capri at Spanked Sweeties.

Sweeties is an intriguing site as it not only offers hot spanking, but quite candid, detailed interviews with these beauties on their spanking experiences — both past and present.

Clare Fonda, who just launched a brand-new anything-goes spank site called Spanked Call Girls, has only been teasing us poor bloggers about Ms. Capri for the past 3 months or so. It’s about time, Clare! Sheesh! Be that as it may, it appears it was worth the wait.

Thusly, it’s lovely to see Ms. Capri draped unceremoniously over Clare’s seasoned

lap for a Mom-style tushy tanning from Momma Clare. Kissy certainly has that naughty teenage daughter look in these domestic style scenes from Spanked Sweeties. I wonder if Clare grounded her as well?

Anyway, I would sign this lass up for a long-term spanko contract. Kissy Capri, whom Clare delightfully calls “a pretty little pouter,” is a natural naughty brat, to say the least, and also busting out the daisy dukes, too. You go girl!

The dukes pic below is one of the best short-shorts/spanking pics I have seen in a while.

Clare wrote on Spanked Sweeties about Kissy Capri:

“Kissy was a dream to shoot. She looks amazing and takes a good spanking. I also love how the petite flower pulls off a bubble butt. Spanked mainly by her Mom, we had a really easy time working together as Kissy is one of those models who seems genuinely submissive and wanted to deliver whatever goods we needed.

“She’s one we would love to have back to work in EE4. Great sensibilities on this one- love the full panties and I made sure to give her a good one over them before they were lowered.

“What a pretty little pouter!”

All is forgiven between Kissy Capri and Clare Fonda. Though Kissy will likely be sleeping on her tummy….

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2 thoughts on “New Tushy Alert: Kissy Capri at Spanked Sweeties”

  1. Yes, it’s true that Clare Fonda has a lot of very creamy young ladies draped over her lap these days, and Kissy Capri is a girl that any man would be delighted to have squirming and purring over his knee. But I think an injustice is being done here. I believe that the fair Ms. Fonda is being overlooked. True, she’s not 20-something, but there are many older irresistible pounce-able spankable girls, and I think that Clare is very spankable and pounceable. Her wide eyes and fetching smile grab me right by the hormones every time. Each time I see her spanking another “young lovely” it just makes me want to pouce them both.
    Clare has my compliments for the online spanking sites she’s created. Her passion for spanking cannot be denied. I think she needs to be spanked much more often, especially naked. There are few things sweeter than a naked girl taking a good hot OTK spanking, although she does look adorable with her skirt flipped up and her panties whisked down, and a stout paddle smacking her backside. Delicious.

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