Moving Mayhem: New Art from Kami Tora

[Click on illustration to enlarge.]

New F/m art, entitled “Move-In Mayhem,” from the perversely creative mind of fetish illustrator Kami Tora.

What we learn here is to never attempt to conceal your adult ephemera in a box labeled “Power Tools.” That’s just asking for trouble. And that honesty is quite important. And also that a spatula can be quite a dangerous disciplinary device.

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5 Responses to Moving Mayhem: New Art from Kami Tora

  1. Oh! Yes that’s a good one 🙂


  2. Spankfun says:

    Great! Did you see the magazine title in the box ? “Drill her ass” – well, “drill baby drill”, as some folks like to shout now. LOL

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  4. richie says:

    speaking of a dream come true…

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