This Just In: Amber Pixie Wells Ties The Knot

Recently it was Samantha Woodley who tied the knot. Now there are wedding bells ringing for Pixie. Must be something in the air. . .

The beautiful and charming Amber Pixie Wells, of Punished Brats fame, was married over the weekend in a lovely ceremony among family and friends, both vanilla and otherwise.

I just wanted to wish Pixie and her husband all the very best and tons of joy in their new life together. :grin:

To me, Pixie really epitomizes everything that is cool and fun and naughty and fabulous about being into this little kink of ours.

If you would like, scoot over to Pixie’s blog to leave your comments and good wishes.

And if you are a regular reader of her blog, you will see that her kindness, her true generosity of spirit, her creativity and good humor shines through in everything she does.

FYI. Spank model hottie Sarah Gregory has the inside scoop with photos on the wedding, which you can see on her new blog Here.

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3 thoughts on “This Just In: Amber Pixie Wells Ties The Knot”

  1. 🙂 i just want to echo your comments regarding pixie. i am new to all this having entered the scene through shadow lane contacts. but pixie is a sweetheart and along with sarah g and nikki f, she has become want of my favorites! best wishes to pixie! and thanx for making our special kink seem a little more “common”. after a lifetime in the closet, you all have made me feel like i’m not alone in this world.


    Pixie’s wedding caught most of us off-guard, I’m sure, but I understand why she kept it under wraps until afterwards. Instantly I knew there would be many guys like me who’s heart would be broken by this news. I, for one, fell in love with the ever-delightful Pixie back when I first saw her.

    In fact I was struck by how beautiful and how very spankable she is. And that’s a rare combination. She’s so very spankable, if fact, that she often takes hard blistering spankings, and then hops up on her feet rubbing her very sore cheeks and flashing that irrisistible angelic/devlish pout. I needn’t describe how that look affects the male animal.

    And so I was conflicted when I heard the news. I was happy for her, but sad for me and all the other males who’s hearts she stole. Girls like Amber Wells don’t come along very often. I tend to think of her as the American Rosaleen Young.

    But I wonder about her husband. I wonder if he’s conflicted. For instance I’ve often wondered what I’d do (if anything) if my wife or best girl was one of the sweet spankable American beauties that are presently employed by one of the many spanking sites.

    Could I restrain my instinct to posses and protect her from other leering hands-on men who regularly entertain fantasies to do god-knows-what to my beloved?

    Could I sit casually by and watch my baby’s panties pulled down by some male spanker before her turns her over his knee and begins swatting her soft smooth bare cheeks…especially when the spanking lingers on to the point where she is compelled to squirm and groan and struggle as the pain becomes intense? How will Pixie’s husband handle all this?

    How will he be able to watch his angel stripped and bared and thrashed regularly?

    Truthfully I don’t know if I could do it. I don’t know how any of the males presently engaged in spanking those lovely 20-something girls can do it. And how do the men in their life feel about it when their baby is stretched out across another guy’s
    lap, her sexuality right there in the guy’s face as he spanks her with all manner of things, wathching her twisting and groaning and struggling under a flurry of hot stinging swats.

    Ok, I need to cool off now. And I repeat my best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Pixie.

    And I can’t resist the observation that if Pixie had just become MY wife, I’d check to make sure I had lots of paddles and straps and wooden hairbrushes on hand…especially for those long romantic holiday weekends ; )

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