The Art of Franco: Male Bottoms, Sexual Dynamics and The Spanking Fetish

A Cherry Red Exclusive: The Art of Franco

[Editorial Note April 2011: I created another site focused on male spanking and will be featuring more Franco here:]

While this blog will always focus primarily on M/f and F/f, we thought it would be intriguing to get another perspective, as there are countless ways to enjoy and revel in this spanking fetish we all share.

We have an open mind here at the CRR blog, and hope you do as well.

Long-time fetish illustrator Franco has a thing for the male bottom, if you haven’t noticed. A well-spanked, squirming, red-as-a-cherry bottom, imbued with erotic tension and various subtle and more typically, not so subtle sexual themes.

And no, he’s not at all into drawing sassy females getting spanked–I’ve already asked that one! But perhaps that’s for the best, as his Female tops often look oddly masculine. He’s a specialist in drawing the male form.

As Franco is one of the most well-known spanking artists focusing on male sub spanking, and a very articulate and thoughtful one at that, we thought it would be interesting to chat with Franco about his popular spank art and inspirations.

Franco told The Cherry Red Report that he’s been drawing spanking scenes since he was a young child, partly inspired by his own spankings, as recipient and observer, and also seeing an illustration from the classic nursery rhyme: The Old Woman In The Shoe.

Humor. Sexual Tension. Reactions and expressions. You can certainly find all those things and more in his naughty artistic work. From an old-fashioned Daddy spanking wayward sons to perverted Doctor’s tanning their rude patients, he covers an incredibly wide spectrum of our kink.

Instead of the standard Q&A, I sent Franco a list of questions, and he ended up sending me a detailed essay posted below, on his fantasies and artwork. I’ve included samples of his illustrations that hopefully exemplify his thoughts and inspirations.

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FRANCO: Well, it seems that I have always had a spanking fetish. My earliest reactions to spanking began when I was a kid and centered around thoughts and images of F/m spanking. Something like this illustration above. . .

Spanking for me was erotic, even before I knew what erotic meant. I’m sure my exposure to spankings as a boy were the reason for all of this. After all, when the ritual and length of a spanking is demonstrated more than the usual degree of severity, fetishes happen.

I’ve realized that there are those who love to spank. So why have a reason, and why not make these events lengthy and ritualized, masking spanking passion with the mask of duty.

While I really don’t consider myself an “artist,” I became well aware of technique applied in spanking, and I always had to visually demonstrate some of those important aspects in drawing.

After all, I was redrawing “Me” getting spanked over and over, and what I remember feeling, and seeing, needed to be expressed. The appearance of duty masking good old erotic fetishism made it even more exciting.

For me, over the knee spanking involves two important concepts, the lap as a platform to showcase and present the posterior, and the very tactile nature of the slap itself.

As I got older, I realized that my attractions were toward the male form. So I often changed the gender of my spanker, while leaving the original “mood” and setting of the spankee intact.

After all, regardless of the gender of tops or bottoms, real spankos just appreciate spanking. Naughtyness in my work was reassigned not to a deed, but to male’s beauty, especially his posterior.

For many years, when I would draw a female top, I had to draw another version with a male spanker. What IS more important to me than the gender of my spankers was two things. First, the bottom was always a male, and secondly, there was, usually, a greater age difference between disciplinarian and miscreant.

This age difference thing for me was always important, mostly because it seemed to go against the grain of what I saw out there in spanking videos and photos, both M/M and F/M.

I sum it up in a formula:

Age and jaded experience Vs Youthful beauty, energy innocence and inexperience. It was with my drawings of male spankers that wanted to express a more obvious level of eroticism, and really demonstrate the extreme of an old, usually unappealing top, male or female causing sexual tension or even erections and orgasms in their younger charges.

Display and humiliation seem to go hand and hand to me, but imagine the frustration of the spankee when the process of being bared, presented and humiliated causes sexual excitement??

And what about the spanker who seeks to increase that excitement?? For me, there still remains a deeper “original ” excitement in the F/M arena, In this venue, even more than M/M, I had to depict the presented and receiving angle of the male’s posterior.

A good spanking for me is not necessarily a severe one. Severity can be measured by more than the power of the smack. But there was some drawings I did that do seem “harder” than others…such as this one below:

I mentioned that the spanker’s lap should be a platform maintaining control by keeping a young man in the posture of correct and proper reception. The slap should be penetrating, not by pure force, but by the articulation, angle and placement of the caress.

Yes I believe that a slap is a form of caress. A slap delivered from a fully open hand, with fingers closed, and from a flexible wrist has an amazing tactile power, delivering quite a sting, but yet leaving the field wide open in reactions.

I most of these F/M offerings I wanted to get across the blur of pain and pleasure lines as the spanker places the spankee in a battle of sensations, playing both sides against him as he rides his perch, bottoms up, out and receiving.

After all, the more perfect the posterior the more wickedness it has. It takes a good long while to slap all of that out of a beautiful bottom.

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“All The Spanks That Are Fit To Print”






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10 thoughts on “The Art of Franco: Male Bottoms, Sexual Dynamics and The Spanking Fetish”

  1. That was a great interview! I’ve always wondered if Franco was still around; I haven’t run into new artwork by him in a while.

    Say, does the Cherry Red Report know what websites are best for finding Franco’s artwork? Does he have his own site, or are his drawings just spread across the web?

  2. Thanks for your comments!

    Yes Franco is still around, though he does not have his own website, surprisingly. If you just do some Google searches, you’ll find more of his artwork. Also check out


  3. i really like franco’s illustrations – they hold so much emotion. i can tell how the spanker and the spankee feels. the tense body postures of the spankee’s are great!!
    thanks dave!

  4. I love your art I have been looking for your art for years, your drawings are great and I get very excited when I saw them keep drawing !!!
    Your Greatest Fan

  5. Thanks Great Fan. In fact thanks Dave and those who responded. This is quite an honor to be featured on a M/F and F/F speciality. It is a fantastic blog/site, and I’m getting quite an education on the beauty of the F posterior!

  6. 😛

    I ran across some of your sci-fi art work years ago and have been looking for more ever since then.

    Do you sell your art??

    Its GREAT.


  7. love your art Franco! I wish that the guys getting it were a little older only for selfish reasons. I’m 41 and stock the shelves at a supermarket. I see lots of little old ladies come in and man I wish one of them would pound my ass! Nick

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