The First Annual “Cherry Red Report Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Spanking Implements”

The amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford, in a recent photo from Good Spanking, displaying some classic spanking tools of the trade.

We all know there are so many bottoms. And yet, so little time.

Be that as it may, there are many spanking toys, and various devious devices of derriere discipline to choose from, collect, savor and utilize on your favorite miscreant.

But is your toybox or dresser drawer looking a wee bit empty these days? Don’t get depressed about it. We are here to help.

[Editorial Note: In full disclosure, this Blogger only has a very fine exotic wood “Conair” hairbrush from Target (highly recommended however) in our collection, but we hope to expand that soon with some items included in this blog post.]

A custom “Brat” paddle from Paddle Master Pro gets tested out on Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl.

In that spirit, we are posting the first ever “Cherry Red Report Holiday Buyer’s Guide” focused on 6 excellent spanko retailers. Certainly this is not an exhaustive guide, and we have purposefully left out the mega online retailers, in order to help promote some of these smaller companies.

Amber of SpankAmber fame gets a dose of old-fashioned behavior modification, and a cherry red backside, courtesy of a hairbrush-style paddle from Rosy Bottom. One of my fav photos.

We hope this helps you navigate through the maze of purveyors of perverted punishment providers. I did not give these gorgeous toys a real-world test on a naughty hottie [not yet at least], so this post is a general overview.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: If you are a spanko retailer and would like to be included in future Cherry Red “Buyer’s Guides,” please send me an email and I will check your site out.]

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what some of your favorite spanking toys and retailers are! Don’t be shy folks. I won’t bite and like all bloggers, I love comments 🙂

* * *

Paddle Master Pro

This fine retailer specializes in unique, colorful, washable, and possibly indestructible paddles in 13 different styles (including glow-in-the-dark), offered in a funky assortment of colors, providing what they say are “simply the best in flexible, lightweight paddling implements and

adult novelties.” This blogger sees their products in-action, often being wielded by Clare Fonda or Chelsea Pfeiffer.

The company states that their products, which can be customized, “are produced from a high density, flexible 1/4” composite plastic material. These designs and superior edging prevent cutting and minimize bruising which are commonly the results from wood or leather paddles.”

They even offer a very serious, official-looking “Do Not Disturb: Spanking in Progress” door hanger. For those very spanking sessions that simply must not be disturbed. Makes a great holiday gift idea for that special spanko. PMP also offers t-shirts, panties, restraints, cool new keychains, and much more naughty goodness.

* * *

Rosy Bottom

This is one of my fave sites. And a favorite among spanking celebs such as Amber of Spank Amber fame. Retro-fueled, vintage-inspired, female-run Rosy Bottom has heaps of funky, wicked cool toys.

The Cherry Red Report featured an exclusive interview with Rosy Bottom founder Lauri in May of 2007 that you can read HERE.

Their offerings are unique, sexy, romantic and with a premium put on the FUN factor. From kinky jewelry to spanko gift baskets, from retro pinup postcards to hand-painted spatulas, Rosy Bottom what you are lusting after.

Check out some of their new hairbrush/paddle designs, as well as their new custom embroidered paddles.

CAUTION: You could quickly drop serious coin at this site in a matter or minutes. Also, Rosy Bottom is now distributing the item that won the coveted Cherry Red 2007 “Paddle of the Year” award.

* * *


Calling all spanko maniacs. Cane-iac is a relatively new player on the scene, but one to definitely check out and give their naughty toys a red-bottomed test-drive. This company offers custom rattan canes, unique paddles, sizzling straps and spanko toys, many of which are customizable.

Most notable are their high-end paddles featuring the delicious erotic art of Patty, and also some yummy faux-fur sleeves that slip on to their paddles, including their new bomb-proof delrin or clear acrylic paddles.

These clear paddles look amazing. And give their new cherry red “Screamer” paddle series a look. Also available in an unusual green hue.

Cane-iac also has a new “hot pink” line that is eye-catching, to say the least. They can even etch any photograph or image you want onto their spanking paddles. An awesome new spanking retailer. Show them some love.

* * *

The London Tanners

Dig more traditional, classic leather designs?

This venerable British institution boasts a varied collection of old-school style, heirloom-quality, hand-made implements, from finely-tooled leather tawses to ass-tanning strops and more for “the discerning disciplinarian,” equally at home in the bedroom or “schoolroom.

They recently unveiled a new hand-stitched “Grandma’s Slipper Paddle” that looks like it could do serious business on a naughty backside.

Why settle for unbuckling your worn-out old leather belt? That’s so 90’s! For Christmas 2008, do check out The London Tanner’s brand-new, vintage-style “Traditional Razor Strop” [pictured below] that comes complete with its own Christmas stocking.

Their website notes: “This is a unique hand crafted strop made in rich supple medium heavy 8-10oz Deep Burgundy Red Harness Leather. This Strop is 22 by 2 inches with a heavy black cotton second layer attached to a nickel swivel snap for conveniently hanging on display or by way of a deterrent.” This sells for 44.95 plus shipping.

Also, click over to Shadow Lane, who offers a small selection of fantastic implements, including a few custom models designed by The London Tanners.

* * *

Leather Thorn Paddles

Spanking toys as art.

Leather Thorn offers completely unique designs etched into their custom leather goods. My favorite might be their 17-inch long “Rose Bud Strap” [pictured below] that is sure to become a collector’s item.

I also love the look of their “Rose Paddle” in which you can pick the color of the rose. Both are a very reasonable $50 plus shipping. They have over 15 designs at present, and do take custom orders and requests.

* * *

Kitty’s Exotic Paddles

Do you covet unusual woods and the fine grain of gorgeous walnut or cherry?

Celebrating the “art and beauty of discipline,” this exotic paddles purveyor offers exotic wood paddles in such diverse flavors as bubinga, rosewood, black walnut and many other woods this writer has never heard of — but they all certainly look exquisite.

These are made the old-fashioned way — by hand and one-at-a-time. Check out, for example, their paddle wonderfully called “The Angel Maker.” [pictured at left. $45 plus S&H]. Choose ribbon mahogany or quilted cherry.

The company states:

The oval shaped head of this paddle is sure to transform any brat into an angel in just the flick of a wrist.

“It was created in honor of Angel Maker, a lovable Texas Dom and close personal friend of kitty. The head of this paddle is 3 inches at its widest point, and the handle is about 5 inches long. The total length of each paddle is approximately 11 inches. This paddle is sure to be a favorite in your toy box.”


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6 thoughts on “The First Annual “Cherry Red Report Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Spanking Implements””

  1. Sinfully Anon: yes. and thank you.

    Cutiepie: I’m well thank you. What’s my favorite implement? Currently, it’s my firm, strong hand — someday I’ll have a spanking implement collection to boast about 🙂

  2. Nothing wrong with a hand alone. I happen to think that is the only implement that is needed, unless it is used totally for fun to spice things up. In that case, my vote is for a furry paddle. 95% of the time, the hand works perfectly.

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