New Art by Kami Tora: Wet at Both Ends

Hot off the press, the newest artwork from Kami Tora, entitled “Naughty Angie.” Ermm…..i-is…it getting hot in here or…..


p.s. If you dig spanking artwork, you may want to click below and check out this truly massive repository of both current and vintage spanking art, cartoons and various illustrations, called “Veralsi’s Showcase” — the largest on the Interweb. As of this writing, 37,250(!) drawings and counting:

* * *ADDENDUM: Kami Tora has also just released this charmingly romantic black-and-white image, though cherry-red in all the right places. Beautiful.

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5 Responses to New Art by Kami Tora: Wet at Both Ends

  1. ImperialHammer says:

    Delicious, I love a girl who is wet after a good spanking

  2. Kami Tora says:

    Well, thanks very much to Dave for featuring me again!

    The “Naughty Angie” was done by request of…Angie! It’s kind of a redux of a sketch I’d posted elsewhere, and she wanted me to make it her online persona , post-spanking.

    The second one, “Match”, is one of a buncha DD pics I’ve been monkeying around with. Always give your partner what she wants, I say!


  3. imp says:

    it is definitely hot in here dave!!

    thanks to kami for his brilliant illustrations, and to dave for featuring them!!!

  4. Angie says:

    Kami is so sweet, and love that drawing! And the other Angie drawing the Kami did too…

  5. tony says:

    when will kami tora do some unique picutres of boys having their dicks shrunk instead of so huge, and their dick pee holes filled with stuff
    would like too see more detail with the boys outfits like their sneaker and give them more american look with deatiled vans or dc skater shoes and long hair like jock and skater boys

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