Where is Amelia-Jane Rutherford? Everywhere

One of the world’s most famous spanking supermodels, and one of the hardest working bottoms in the spank business, the ever elegant and naughty Amelia-Jane Rutherford, is staying incredibly busy these days.

So busy in fact, that we here at the CRR have created a real-time online mapping system with Global Positioning System capabilities to track the whereabouts of AJR.

Anyway, here’s a pictorial tribute, a visual shrine, if you will, to this British lass, featuring some her latest exquisite spanking scenes for various companies around the globe. [Lovely pic above right is an older classic from Firm Hand Spanking.]

[I also want to highlight and recommend a wonderful video featured at left: “Amelia-Jane Rutherford: Vol 1,” available in an easy-to-use, pay-per-minute format. No memberships. Pay as you go. Easy. The theatre also features hundreds of other spanking vids.

You also get 15-minutes free to try out this on-demand format. This video features some older material yet it’s must-see viewing: it has a fascinating interview, a screen test, oh yeah, and delightfully hot spankings.]

Amelia-Jane is smart, sexy, beautiful, yet always naughty, rebellious, and incorrigible and pouty, and one has to love her elegant British accent.

[Please let me know if I inadvertently left any companies out…]

* * *

Restrained Elegance: AJR participates in more than just spanking shoots and her glamour and fetish portfolio is truly impressive. I’m not one for chains, and whips and such, but chains never, ever looked so good. Amazing, masterful image.

* * *

Northern Spankings: In this sneak-peak pic sent to CRR, Paul unceremoniously yanks Amelia Jane out of bed and proceeds to warm up the seat of her snug pink PJ pants……love it.

* * *

Bars and Stripes: Women in prison! Jailed brats! Perverted prison wardens! What more do you want? So….um..how does one get a job here as a prison guard? I’m currently available. Inquire within.

* * *

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl: AJR finally makes her smashing debut on Clare’s sexy-hot spanktastic site, with 3 different scenes with Amelia-Jane, here getting her royal bottom tanned cherry red by Lana’s hard hand.

* * *

Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking: Love AJR’s next-door-girl look here, in the bright yellow top and tight jeans, which are slowly being peeled down by Chelsea Pfeiffer seasoned hands. Amelia-Jane’s white lacey panties in this scene are something to behold.

* * *

Dallas Spanks Hard: Amelia reveals here inner cheerleader and dons a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform, with her bottom in a position of utmost vulnerability over the lap of a very hard spanker. Oh yeah, this Dallas really does spank quite hard. You’ve been warned.

* * *

Firm Hand Spanking: This is a fab scenario, not completely recent, but too hot to leave out: Amelia-Jane Rutherford plays a sassy actress with a Serious attitude problem. This diva gets a good talking-to, over a strong lap with a very firm hand.

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