A Bear Behind Spanking from Veronica Orozco

“It’s time to bare your bear behind, Mr. Bear!”

First off, Happy Spanksgiving to one and all ! Personally, this holiday drives me truly bonkers and eating turkey does not agree with me — so time to order some Chinese food for this blogger.

Anyway, excellent work by Mr. Valdor from his top-notch blog of spanko pop culture and history, The Spank Statement, in uncovering this fantastic pervy pic of Columbian pop star Veronica Orozco.

No time-outs for this naughty teddy bear. What an absolutely sexy-hot, squirmy photo.

I know little about her musical stylings [though some of her lyrics are certainly on the sexy and kinky side, according to Valdor’s blog], but this alluring photo really captures the imagination. I’m thinking I’ve seen a similar image elsewhere? Dunno. You can read Valdor’s full post and see another naughty pic Here.

* *EDITORIAL NOTE: No teddy bears were harmed in the blogging of this post.* *

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4 thoughts on “A Bear Behind Spanking from Veronica Orozco”

  1. veronica orozco is a colombian singer ,who sings a song ,tolking about in that song pulldown and spank someone

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