Exclusive: Talking Spanko with Paul from Punished Brats

It’s always refreshing to get the perspectives and insights from a Top. A seasoned Spanker. A strict Dom. A Pro Spanko.

Most blogs, this one included, are often naturally quite fixated on all the beautiful spankees and bottoms, such as the spanktastic Morgan Mae pictured at left, squirming over the lap of Paul Wilson.

I’m also fascinated on how a pro Top gets these apparent dream jobs in the first place. So we decided on a short interview with Paul [pictured here as the Spanker in all photos] who is a new addition to the tail tanning team at the Punished Brats website.

We discussed topics ranging from his preferred “camera-friendly” spanking techniques to who is the brattiest model he has disciplined.

I must say I find Paul’s story in getting this cinematic spanking gig pretty inspiring. Currently, my day-job involves toiling away in a cubicle in a windowless, possibly haunted basement that was formerly a bomb shelter with a manic-depressive, control-freak of a boss. But I digress. . .

* * *

Thank you Paul for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report!

Thanks a lot for having me. I’m a long-time reader, so it’s an honor!

So how did you end up with what seems to be a dream job at Punished Brats? And how did you find out about this opportunity in the first place?

I saw an ad on the website, so I wrote to them. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I got an email saying they were interested.

Did you have to go on a job interview, send them your resume, do some tryouts/screen-tests and such ?

Actually, it was more like jumping in at the deep end. I corresponded with Pixie [pictured at right] via email before talking with David [the company’s owner] on the phone. The phone conversation with David was essentially the interview. He has the final say. They had other applicants before me, so by the time I wrote, they had a pretty good feel for the market. Once a date was set for the shoot, it was all systems go!

Heya, do you think they might offer me a gig? :-))

I think anything is possible Dave, but you’d have to thumb-wrestle me for it!

Hehe….What was your first scene that you filmed with Punished Brats? I think with Pixie? And what was that experience like?

While the first scene to be released was with Pixie, “Aunt Rita’s Comments” with Morgan Mae was the first scene that I filmed that day. I was incredibly nervous, but everyone was so easygoing and supportive that I managed to get through it without passing out!

What’s it like working with Pixie?

I have to admit that I was a bit intimidated before I met her because, let’s face it, she’s a bit of a star in our little corner of the world, but she’s really just as sweet as you might imagine. Pixie is quite impressive on-set. She’s very motivated and

organized, and knows exactly what she wants to see in a scene.

I’m going to assume you are a very experienced spanker? And a lifelong spanking enthusiast?

Yes, my story reads like the typical spanko. I became intrigued by the whole spanking thing at an early age and have been into it ever since.

Have you had to change or modify your spanking techniques when you film these videos? in contrast with how you might spank a female brat off-camera in real-life?

Yes I have. I had to develop a more camera-friendly swing for Punished Brats. My usual stroke is very compact and doesn’t show up well on-camera (not that it’s not effective, it just doesn’t show up well!) so I have to exaggerate a bit to work on video.

Do have the ability to offer input on the scenarios, suggest dialog, outfits and the like?

They’re very open and receptive to suggestions. Dialog is about half ad-lib and half scripted, and wardrobe is left up to me (within certain guidelines, of course).

What is a typical day, if there is one, on the set of Punished Brats?

We arrive by 10 a.m. and once all the details are sorted out, (paperwork, choice of implements, etc.) we get started shooting. We all have a lunch break together, which is a nice chance to socialize. If everything goes smoothly, we’re done shooting by dinnertime. As for the atmosphere on-set, it’s very much like you see in Pixie’s Previews…fun! (actually it’s a lot of hard work too, but seriously, who’s gonna complain about that!!)

Who is the brattiest lass you’ve spanked so far? I shall guess Chloe… ? or maybe Pixie? or both together!?

You are correct Sir! Indeed, Chloe [pictured at left] is a world-class brat (in a good way) but also a real pleasure to be around. After the shoot, I was composing a text message and complained about how long it takes me to type (these girls can text faster than I can talk!)

Chloe offered to “help” and before I knew it, she had changed my default language to Spanish (and a few other neat tricks). It took me a month to get my phone back to normal…thanks Chloe! :p

LOL. Chloe has certainly found her calling at Punished Brats ! Moving right along, very general question but……What is it like having all these lovelies squirming over your lap, with a camera recording every swat?

I’m very fortunate to have worked with such beautiful girls (every one of them), but honestly, there are so many distractions while on-camera that I don’t even think about it.

From Morgan to Charlie Skye [pictured below right], Pixie and Chloe and Annabella over your knee, you seem like a natural dispensing some old-fashioned behavior modification.

Why thank you, I take my job very seriously!

No doubt. So is OTK your favored position for discipline? And your favorite implement if you have one?

I definitely prefer over the knee hand spankings. While a spanking doesn’t have to be sensual in nature, there is a certain level of intimacy involved and I find implements to be a bit impersonal. Plus, it’s obviously much easier to control one’s own hand than an inanimate object. If I had to choose though, my preference would be leather.

Will we be seeing you in any of Pixie’s excellent “Pixie’s Previews” blooper reels?

I guess it depends on how amusing my screw-ups are (notice I said “how amusing,” not “how frequent”…I screw up all the time!)

Who is the sharpest dresser–yourself or Mr. David Pierson? It is great to see Tops who are nattily dressed in business attire, dress shirts and ties and such, in spank videos.

I think David looked pretty snazzy in his 3-piece suit from the recent Vanessa Vix premier — don’t know if I can top that one!

Do you have any advice for folks who are looking to break into the spanking scene, as either a Top, Bottom or assisting behind-the-scenes in some way?

Do your research. There are plenty of companies out there that cater to many different tastes. Find a company that most closely matches what it is that you want to do and write to them. Most importantly though, have fun, that’s what it’s all about.

* * *

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Talking Spanko with Paul from Punished Brats”

  1. It’s true, it’s totally not Chloe’s fault that I’m too slow to understand t9word (couldn’t even come up with the name when I was writing the story!). She actually *was* trying to help me (I really did appreciate it). The Spanish thing *was* a joke, and she changed that back (right away…after I suggested that maybe we have one more scene to shoot!). Where would we tops be without such dedicated bottoms to keep us in line! :mrgreen:

  2. (giggling) Chloe is priceless. Reprogramming a cell phone — that is truly 21st century bratting.

    Great interview, Paul. I wish more sites would interview male tops!

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