The Alluring Alannah Rae Gets Spanked By Mom

With the conclusion of the “Cherry” awards, it’s time to move on and present some new bottoms on the block.

I also need some healing time right now, as I just came from the cinema having seen one of the worst movies I ever blew 11 bucks to painfully muddle through: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” featuring the brain-dead Keanu Reeves. This waste of celluloid makes “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” look like “Casablanca.”

Let’s move on! Introducing the newest eye candy at Spanked Sweeties – and available via the Clare Fonda Pass as well: Alannah Rae, whom Clare told CRR is “one of our best finds of the year.”

The research staff at The Cherry Red Report were truly mesmerized by the alluring Alannah Rae: this new spankee’s youth, charming beauty, girl-next-door innocence, and bodacious bottom. Spanked Sweeties is unique as well as it offers candid interviews with these models, and as you will hear in her interview, it turns out Ms. Rae is no stranger to a cherry red bottom.

This blogger has been impressed by the latest Alannah Rae Sweeties gallery that is a Mom–naughty teen daughter scene with those pink panties and painted-on jeans in a jumbled tangle at her ankles, bottom glowing brightly, the naughty bits exposed and tight ass squirming. File under: Yum.

Really am digging the pix mentioned above–domestic, maternal and erotic at the same time. That is my weakness. And you know, I love skin tight jeans just about as much as I love tiny daisy dukes. The kind of jeans you might need a crowbar to peel off.

Alannah Rae does not have the typical adult model “look.” Ms. Rae is just

20-years-old and is a tennis player, with her body is toned and tanned. Tight.

Armed with a delightful backside aching for a sizzling spanking from Mom, Ms. Rae learns a good, old-fashioned lesson in a fine Mom/naughty daughter scene, looking every part like the naughty teenage daughter punished by Mom.

You can bet she got sent to her room after! Am I right Clare?

Seasoned spanker Clare Fonda firmly plays her strict Mom who spanks, and scolds, in the first Alannah scene released at Spanked Sweeties.

Clare Fonda told The Cherry Red Report: “I could tell that Alannah Rae was eager to please, a genuine submissive, and pretty new to the industry who enjoyed showing her chops as an actress.”

“I think it was fun for her to walk into a shoot for Spanked Sweeties where she was spanked by two woman and a man and be the little doll that she is, and in return she was willing to get a very red bottom.”

“She is one of our best finds of the year. Also, Alannah seems very down to earth and I think it would take a lot of effort to find her mean streak! She is very sweet and grateful for her obvious gifts.”

Below is a wonderful photo Clare Fonda provided to CRR, from a video and photo set not yet released as of this publishing date, but forthcoming from Clare’s relatively new Spanked Call Girls site:

* * *

***Editorial Addendum: Clare Fonda’s on a roll with her talent acquisitions, as we we were recently blown away by another new addition already blogged about: the incredibly spankable Kissy Capri. See Kissy’s sample pix HERE and also this gallery HERE. The achingly tiny short-shorts kill me.

***ANOTHER EDITORIAL ADDENDUM: Feverish anyone? I love spanking and rectal temperature taking, and I know a lot of you do as well. Some new pix on this sizzling topic from Clare Fonda. Some very hot and naughty temp-taking and hairbrush spanking pix in this yummy gallery HERE.

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