The Artist Known As The Spirit

Just wanted to let you know that The Artist Known as The Spirit has a new website The Spirits Studio that is an archive of his fantastic and sensual spanking and erotic art.

The site also features The Spirit’s intriguing commentary on each piece.

To the left I included one of my favorites: “A Pout Sprout Out” (1997) and below right another stand-out and so VERY appropriate for this time of the year: “The Designated Driver.” (1998) Click On Images to Enlarge.

In addition, this site will feature a permanent gallery as well as a rotating gallery of his artwork.

Do check his enticing anthology “Spank Me: The Art of the Spirit” published in 2004 — a must-have art book for any spankosexual [available via]. I certainly hope a follow-up is in the works.

[Editorial Note: The Cherry Red Report featured an exclusive interview with The Spirit in May 2007 which you can read HERE.]

Below is a truly unique, provocative piece from his permanent gallery, entitled “How The War Was Won.” [Click On Image To Enlarge.]

The Spirit’s thoughtful commentary on this illustration is below. As always, reader feedback/comments are always welcome and appreciated.

* * *

The Spirit: “I find this double-barreled image to be an important piece in my evolution as an artist. In an editorial context there is a clear political and patriotic symbolized meaning to this image.

“At the time I was creating this, the world was in its second year of its war on terror, and I was hoping for a swift and decisive conclusion to it, as there had been in WWII.

“Well, that was not meant to be, but at least we can smile when viewing this art work, as it reminds us of previous victories from yesteryear, and my incorporation of sensual fetishism and humor into the mix (which is not entirely unusual for me to do).

“In so much as the development of my art is concerned, this piece really clarified much as my style of art is further refined combining and supporting both painted and inked line elements within one harmonious image. Yes this image is humorous, but is it comical? And if it is comical, does that make it a cartoon? I certainly hope not. I guess I am pre-occupied with these worries.”

# # #


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3 thoughts on “The Artist Known As The Spirit”

  1. Thanks Charlie, I appreciate your words about my art, and am glad I dropped by here tonight to read it. And thanks to Dave, for having this amazing unique interactive and insightful Cherry Red Spanking Blog, and for maintaining it so well. In regards to my art, the best is still yet to come, that is how I feel.

    Happy New Year to every Spanko, and may 2009 bring us much spanking cheer and fulfillment in our hearts.

    The Spirit

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