How Spankos Are Born

Thank you to the good doctor, “Dr. Ken” at his fine Spanking Minnesota blog, who discovered this unusual and humorous photo several months ago. I thought I’d re-post it for your viewing enjoyment.

[This pic is just asking for a caption–feel free to add your own in the comments section!]:roll:

Photographer and original source unknown.

* * * *

p.s. Perv on over to the Cherry Red On-Demand theater with lots of newly-added, ass-sizzling, paddle-popping, spanktastic titles:

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5 Responses to How Spankos Are Born

  1. Charlie says:

    “You look at my bare bottom Mommy. I can do the same.” – caption.

  2. Dr. Ken says:

    “You didn’t complain when Daddy did this last night….or Uncle Dave on Tuesday….or Uncle Charlie last week….or….”

    Thanks for the kind words, Dave. I don’t know where the picture came from, but I hope people get a kick out of it!

    Dr. Ken

  3. PaulH666 says:

    Mummy is that bruise on your ass where daddy spanked you last night.

    As soon as I saw this image, the first thing I thought was: Is that Anjalie Jole from the back. To me it looks like her from the back. …

  4. Dr. Ken says:

    Chelsea–LOL! That’s just wrong on so many levels….


    Dr. Ken

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