A Potpourri of Punished Brats and Blistered Butts

Foto courtesy of Pixie and Punished Brats. Words of inspiring motivational wisdom by this blogger.

PunishedBrats is on a roll as of late.

New stern Tops. Fresh new gorgeous spankees. Titillating photography. Double bottom blisterings. Luscious glamour photos of the PB models. The return of Juliet. Beverly Bacci’s silky tresses flying through the air. Chloe’s classic bratting. The squirming Sarah Gregory. And much more.

While my personal tastes often veer off into more highly sexualized spanking erotica, PunishedBrats has found a solid niche in this industry with straight-ahead spankings and classic, creative scenarios along with a wonderful sense of humor and good-natured fun. [and quite red bums.]

Pixie: an exquisite new self-portrait

I’ve always loved a wonderful after the spanking photo, the one included here exhibiting the sizzling effects on Pixie of a paddling popping session with Veronica. Wonder if Pixie was sent to her room after her spankin’ ?

Love the pout as well. And of course the PJ’s tangled at the ankles. Well-done!

The Cherry Red Report has blogged on this topic with Pixie before, most notably HERE where you can see some exquisite pink-themed post punishment photos.

On a side note, Pixie is becoming quite the photographer–her glamour shots and nature photography are top-notch.

Speaking of pink, how about Juliet’s tight pink panties, pictured above right, arched over Chelsea Pfeiffer’s, of Good Spanking fame, seasoned lap? Delightful.

Anyway, we asked Pixie for her thoughts on the photo at the top of this post:

“I was thinking about how my bottom felt like it was on fire! Even though the spanking was over, my cheeks kept burning for a long time afterwards.

“Veronica wasn’t feeling very well that day, but she managed to tap into a secret reserve of energy and paddled me hard. Poor Lily Anna [pictured below] who had watched the whole scene unfold before her eyes was a little nervous knowing she was next!”

* * *

Pictured above: New Punished Brats model Lily Anna in “Problem Intern” squirming over Paul Wilson’s lap. Check out CRR’s recent interview with Paul HERE. Wonderful photo. The pants and white panties bunched at the ankles is a yummy detail that I love. Other new PB models include the enticing Vanessa Vix and exotic Nyssa Nevers.

David Pierson at Punished Brats gave The Cherry Red Report the lowdown on these new spankees:

“I have to tell you working with these two girls was a treat. Nyssa Nevers [pictured at right] has been on my radar for over a year. She’s a good friend of Veronica’s. She’s a world famous fetish model. She cried in all four scenes. And her adlibs had us all cracking up.”

“Lily Anna was discovered by Pixie. What a find she was. She’d wiggle and cry when she was spanked. Usually, our first shoot with new girls is good, but we know that the next time they’ll be more comfortable. Both Nyssa and Lily fit right in from the start. The way the two of them fit in reminded me of the first time we shot with Erica Corvina.”

p.s. One quick query for Punished Brats: any chance of bringing back the spanktastic model Angelina? [pictured at left and below]. Such a naughty daughter she is!

She has a cool look and a petite tight little tushy just made for spanking. Angelina also squeaked after every spank [yes, like a mouse] during one of her scenes, which I thought was charmingly cute. Be that as it may, those tight bikini panties are gonna’ get peeled down each and every time. . . .

*****Addendum: THIS JUST IN: PunishedBrats has just hired two more beautiful fresh new bottoms, Tina and Amanda.

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