Late Home? Mom Spanks: New Art by Klauth

New art entitled “Late Home” by the ever intriguing artist “Klauth,” whose enticing art has been blogged about on these pages before HERE. Though I was not quite sure what was happening in this drawing, so I asked the artist himself who told The Cherry Red Report:

“As always I’m happy that you like my work! Here the girl is supposed to be spanked for the first time, and her first reaction, as soon as she can escape from her Mom, is to run in the garden and climb on a tree.

“I take many of my ideas from TV spots. There’s a Levi’s commercial, with a girl who is escaping from a dog trying to recover his owner’s pants. She climbs on a tree, but the dog bites her jeans, and her only way to escape is to take off her pants, remaining on the tree in her panties. I just love the pin-up style.”

There are several interesting elements on display in this piece, besides Megan’s rump-roasted, thong-clad backside. The completely appropriate full-moon. Her angry Mom and well-spanked naughty daughter. The curious face in the window. The snail in the tree(?). Her torn blue skirt. Any thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Late Home? Mom Spanks: New Art by Klauth”

  1. Hey Dave! Just want to tell you that I still love your blog, (and that “late home” picture is GREAT!

    By the way, I have a special picture for you on my lates post… Take a look 😉

    Kisses from Justine

  2. Klauth really does have an amazing, dynamic style that makes all x/F fans drool! 🙂 Thanks for giving us more on him, Dave.

    Have a great weekend.

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