Spanked Sweeties Valentine’s Day Preview

“What the f–k? I really do NOT think these shorts are all THAT small. Can we negotiate a time-out instead?”

I heart this photo pictured above so much, I had to get my blog on. A luscious preview photo of a new pink short-shorts themed butt percussion video coming to Spanked Sweeties, also available via the Clare Fonda Pass, on Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day video features the asstastic, fresh-faced 19-year-old Alannah Rae, who was blogged about recently on The Cherry Red Report in this feature: The Alluring Alannah Rae Gets Spanked By Mom.

Btw, I think I’m in luv with Clare Fonda. So funny, so cool, so hot and hip and freakin’ hilarious — and to watch her in action on her sites, is a true pleasure indeed.

Clare is also a strong advocate of animal welfare, and has adopted 2 of the cutest Chihuahuas in the entire state of California, by the name of Maxxxi Fonda and Goblin [pictured at right.] Famous spankos seem to have the cutest pets.

“You are grounded, Alannah Rae, forever. And let me tell you, that is a long time.”

* * *

For you Alannah Rae fans, check her out her newest scene on Clare’s new Spanked Call Girls site. There’s also some sizzling strapping & butt paddling, mouth soaping and rectal temp taking with various models on this squirmy hot site.

* * *

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5 thoughts on “Spanked Sweeties Valentine’s Day Preview”

  1. Omg she looks too yummy in that outfit! Everything from her blonde hair, to the way the pretty pink shirt hugs her breast, to that delicious butt in those shorts. I would love to see her get spanked, wedgied and fondled in some pretty cotton bikini panties

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