Roasted Red Rumps in The Canadian Rockies

Athabasca Glacier in The Canadian Rockies. Photo used with permission from the English Vice website, which is “a celebration of spanking al fresco.”

What’s the story behind this photo? Curious? Read on. All shall be revealed.

The awe-inspiring beauty. The bold strength and unforgiving power of Mother Nature. The inherent danger of traversing such treacherous paths. And of course, the roasted rumps on a glacier perched periously next to an ice-strewn chasm, thousands of feet above sea level.

It’s one thing to yank a miscreant otk for a few swats sitting on a moss-covered fallen log on a bright spring day; however, this glacial global warming in The Canadian Rockies takes al fresco fanny flaming to a new level of outdoor adventure and kinko dedication. [READERS: Any thoughts, experiences on outdoor spanking you wish to share? Feel free to leave a comment.]

Speaking of outdoor scenes, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Sinn Sage just posted on SpankSinn an amazingly hot and erotic outdoor spanking. And the good folks at Real Life Spankings have produced some quite memorable outdoor scenes, albeit in a more toasty warm climate.

Seen recently on the outdoor spanking site English Vice, this is a spanking photo one does not stumble across everyday. And it’s 12 degrees here in New England with another storm brewing, so I thought this post would be seasonally appropriate. I’ve done some fairly hardcore cold weather hiking, but nothing even close to this as of yet — and certainly I’ve never spanked anyone on a glacier. Next to a chasm.

It turns out spanking celebrity, fetish model and top-notch blogger Pandora Blake was on this adventurous trek from a few years back, and recently told The Cherry Red Report exactly how this all came about:

I was traveling across Canada with two very dear friends, driving from Alberta to BC across the Rockies. The friends were J, an occasional play partner of mine whom I’ve blogged about a couple of times, and his friend Gentian who is a very cute Canadian kinkster. I hadn’t met G before but had heard a lot about her, and the three of us hit it off.

We were driving up the Icefield Parkway towards Jasper, stopping the car every so often to take photos. It was November so the peaks were covered in snow and enormous ravens, the size of geese, landed a few feet away from the car every time we got out and watched us closely. We didn’t see any bears, but we pulled over by the Athabasca Glacier and got out to take a look.

The view was breathtaking, the glacier pouring down the mountainside and grinding itself into the bottom of the valley. Every year the glacier shrinks, as ice melts away from it faster than it can move down the mountainside.

J is an outdoorsy type with lots of climbing experience. His eyes shone as he looked at the view. “Who wants to walk on a glacier?” he asked, and G and I looked at each other and bounced up and down with excitement.

We didn’t have much hiking gear with us, but I borrowed a waterproof off J and we all wrapped up in hats and gloves. It was a half hour hike out to the foot of the glacier across rock and snow. The snow was hard packed at first but it quickly became difficult going.

If you weren’t careful where you put your foot you could end up thigh-deep in snow, and the rocky valley floor was sharp and uneven. By the time we reached the glacier we were exhilarated by the exercise, the biting cold and the breathtaking scenery.

At the foot of the glacier is a huge gash in the ice, where you can see into the deep blues inside the glacier. Every few minutes you can hear a deep, resonant ‘ping’ sound as gravity forces the ice one millimetre further into the valley. We all got our cameras out and started taking snaps of the amazing blue colours inside the ice.

I’d been telling the guys about English Vice in the car, so neither of them were shocked when I looked around and said, “Right, who’s up for spanking photos?” J settled himself at the foot of the glacier, next to the beautiful chasm in the ice, and G, giggling, lowered herself over his knee.

I snapped a handful of shots before we took pity on poor G and let her up. The wind was sharp and icy, and I think probably hurt far more on her bare skin than his hand, but it was worth it.

I didn’t take my turn over J’s knee as it was far too cold and we wanted to get back. The three of us had a lot of fun once we reached our hotel that evening though. . . .

* * *

THIS JUST IN: Real Life Spankings has just released six new DVD’s, and appropriate for this post, one anthology is a collection of 6 of their excellent, always sizzling outdoor spanking scenes — featuring gorgeous models spanked in the woods and in the middle of nowhere.

Site members can enjoy all this outdoor goodness and more online instantly, through the magic of the Internet, at RLS.

The stunning Simpa learns a good, hard lesson over Mike’s lap, as Julie waits for her turn….

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3 thoughts on “Roasted Red Rumps in The Canadian Rockies”

  1. Yikes! That chasm looks pretty scary. The things we do to get adventure in the great outdoors. Sinn Sage and I did a fun bit for SpankSinn, too. We had a great time. Meanwhile, Larry got a bad case of poison oak. Sinn and I were too engrossed in our exciting role play to watch out for our camera man!
    We’ve done a couple of other outdoor spanking scenes, both with Amber Pixie Wells, which were fun and a little dangerous, discovery-wise. This latest with Sinn in off the chart, though. The best outdoor spanking adventure of my life! We were all so caught up in it that someone could have easily passed by and we wouldn’t have noticed.

  2. I’ve been to the glacier (about 38 years ago) so it is probably much shorter now. I’m surprised there weren’t any other visitors in the nearby area.
    Glad you made it safely as the ground where the glacier has retreated back is dangerous to walk on … and the water is COLD.

    We don’t have to worry much about the global warming ‘there’, as it seems to be mostly in the ‘southern hemispheres’ !!!


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