Lazy Girl: The Latest From Kami Tora

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“Lazy Girl” — Wonderfully detailed new bottom burning art from acclaimed fetish illustrator Kami Tora. You can see a list of past features on Kami on this blog HERE, including an exclusive interview with The Cherry Red blog HERE. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Lazy Girl: The Latest From Kami Tora”

  1. A portrait of one of AOTK’s ‘famous’ members, Mina, the girl who enjoys role playing a spank-happy demoness on the chat and in forums, who even has her own forbidden forrest where any who enter may leave with sore bottoms!

    This picture is nice because it’s the cute Mina herself, not her demoness figure. And she’s spanked in this one!

    I love Kamitora, I know him as an amazing artist and also write back and forth with him regularly, finding he’s a very nice guy with a naughty mind, and has tons of talent with his drawings!

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