New Spank Art from Mr. Klauth

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There’s nothing like some steamy office discipline. Hot off the press, fresh new art by European spanking illustrator Klauth. It’s not everyday that you see an illo depicting the spanking of an architect by her angry boss? an upset client? did she botch up the blueprints? I wonder what the back-story is on this nifty image. . .

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One thought on “New Spank Art from Mr. Klauth”

  1. You want the background story, ne? ^^

    Well it just so happens I am the one who created such a scenario for Klauth to draw! He actually created one for me, too, in an Art Trade, where two artists come up with picture ideas for each other and draw their corresponding parts.

    This is the actual message I sent to Klauth regarding my end of the deal (or my idea for him to draw):
    “It will be a punishment type of spanking, rather than just a ‘romantic’ setting, so hopefully you are comfortable with that. I would be curious to see you do a more domestic setting, which I think you can have a lot of fun with. I think it would be really cool to see an office setting in your style. Perhaps the background of the story is the woman is the office worker who has been late to work for the past several days, and her (male) supervisor decides he is tired of her behavior. I think having her bend over the desk would be nice, chest pressed to it. I can’t decide if I’d like it best with her skirt still on (maybe so short you can see up it), or tugged up to reveal her rear end. I think I’ll leave these details to you. You can decide on the clothing position, but I would like her to have on a red thong, thigh-high stockings and garter belt (be it only noticeable by the straps holding her stockings) and a white collared button-up shirt. If your picture shows down to her feet (not required, but if it turns out that way) I’d like her to be in high heels. As for hair, you can play with color, but I would like to see it down and a bit wavy in texture. Eye color is also up to you.

    As for the man in charge of her bottom’s fate ^.^ Hmm, Decently built but not too muscular, handsome, in a suit and tie, standing to the side of her so that one hand rests on her lower back, keeping her in place, and the other raised over her bottom. It’s up to you to show if she’s gotten any slaps yet. As for expressions I’d like his to be one of amusement, perhaps a smirk and furrowed brows, while she looks embarrassed but also slightly guilty as if she might be secretly enjoying it. I think these kinds of expressions will lighten the mood and blur the lines of punishment and pleasure. Again his hair and eye color, like the woman’s, is left to you.”

    As for Klauth’s own unique description of the picture: “Here is a young office worker (I like to think she is an architect, don’t ask why XD ) has been late at work for too many days…and her supervisor seems to be fed up with her behavior!”

    I did a picture for him too, if anyone’s interested in seeing that:
    Most of the background story for that one is in the “Picture Details” on that page.
    Thanks Dave!

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