Exclusive Interview: Talking Tushy with BadTushy

Is there really such a thing as Bad Tushy? I mean, isn’t it all good? Good Tushy? In essence, it’s all about the glorious pastime of bottom worship, in all its many fascinating forms and delightful variations.

I had these deep thoughts in mind when I interviewed Scott, who toils away behind-the-scenes for the 14-site adults-only Tushy Network. From marketing to production, Scott has his hand, so to speak, involved in all aspects of the tushy.

Most notably for spankos, the network includes the popular ass-tanning site Bad Tushy.

Other smutty sites include everything from a truly pervy, feverishly hot medical fetish site, Doctor Tushy, to an explicit ass licking site for all you assaholics out there.

But Bad Tushy was the genesis, it was the first site they created, and it’s a unique, always intriguing spanking site that’s been around for seven years — and continues to redden fresh ass on a weekly basis.

The site has recently featured such spanking scene luminaries as Chloe, Francesca Le and Kailee, in addition to a wide array of gorgeous tushies, asses and butts of every caliber, color and shape.

Scott, who is one of the top dogs at this West-Coast based adult company, was kind enough to answer our Cherry Red queries via email.

Thank you Scott for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. It is an honor and a pleasure.

Thank you. I have to admit this is my first interview and I’m a little nervous. But it’s a pleasure being featured on your site.

For starters, I’ve always wondered what do you tell you friends when they ask: what you do for a living?

This is an interesting thing, because I have to keep track of who I tell what. Most of my close friends know that I work in the “adult industry” but they do not know what websites I run. When they ask I just tell them nothing they would like.

If they press the question I would say the opposite of what they are interested in. My straight friends I tell them shemale videos, which normally keeps them from asking any more questions. My gay friends I tell them lesbian sites. And my lesbian friends I tell gay male videos.

I’ve learned the less people are interested in something, the less questions they ask. I’ve been in the industry for a long time and no one knows the websites I run. That will always remain a mystery to my friends. But if a stranger asks what I do for a living, I just say “Internet Marketing.” You get a lot less questions when your job sounds boring.

I was wondering if you have an official title at your job? and a corner office ?

No official job title, but I do have a very very nice office. Great view, great service and I work with some amazingly talented people in the industry.

Would you hire me as your personal model scout at your spanking site Bad Tushy?

Of course, you have a wonderful taste in choosing some beautiful asses on your blog.

Why thank you! Heya, do you have a Tushy business card?

Yes I do, and it has a picture of a cartoon girl with a nice plump ass. (Let’s just say I’ve never given it out to anyone who was NOT in the industry.) It’s not too often that I meet someone where I offer them my business card. Most of the people I work with in the industry have me on speed dial, so there is really no need for business cards.

So do you work just on the spanking site Bad Tushy, or all of the sites within the tushy network?

I work on all of the Tushy sites within on our network – not just Bad Tushy.

Would you consider yourself a lifelong spanking enthusiast, or not really? I mean, are you a Spanko?

Of course! You have to be a lifelong spanking enthusiast, you really have to be a spanko in order to run one of the top spanking websites. And my significant other has become a spanking enthusiast as well. And let me say, if my dinner ever comes out cold, there is always a hard spanking waiting for her. 😉

No doubt! I’ve been intrigued on Bad Tushy with your temp-taking and also mouth-soaping scenes. Are you planning any more naughty feverish and sudsy spanking scenarios?

Yes! And we are always looking for new and exciting ways to spice up our movies and that includes the spanking material on Bad Tushy. Rectal temperature and mouth soaping are just a few ways we like to punish our bad girls. But anything that is unique that the girls are willing to try, well, we usually go for it.

There are countless spanking sites in the marketplace–how do try to make your sites compete and stand out?

Variety, variety, variety. There are a lot of spanking sites that focus on one specific niche in the industry. Such as men spanking women, or school spankings. We try to cover every aspect possible. Bad Tushy was our first site, and its been almost 7 years already. We’ve been uploading the site with a new spanking video every week. We offer some amazing spanking movies.

I love your highly sexualized, color-drenched photography. Who’s the ace photographer behind the lens?

A very very very perverted individual 🙂 He would like to remain anonymous, but if you follow our spanking sites he does pop up in a few videos every few months.

Out of the entire Tushy network, what are your most popular site?

It’s hard to say, as we have some very popular niche websites. DoctorTushy was the first medical website on the net, and still the largest medical fetish site online. TushyLickers was the first ass licking website online as well and still the largest. I hate to sound so repetitive, but we were the originators of many of the niche websites online. So overall, we have 11 fetish sites and 3 model websites in our Tushy network.

Is there such a thing as a typical day at your job or not really?

No. Not really, which is why my job is so cool. There is essentially no typical day — every day is a new tushy-related adventure.

In terms of actual production, are you on set barking out orders ? And are you involved directly with all the shoots and videos that are being filmed?

Not always. But if I’m not on the set barking out orders, then I’m on the phone barking out orders to the photographer. But yes I’m involved in 99 percent of the shoots. From writing stories, scripts, notes and ideas to talking with models and photographers.

What is it like working with your most popular Top and I’m assuming it’s Ms. Law? [pictured, belt in hand, at right, and below…] She is also one of the hardest spankers I’ve seen, male or female, and really gets into the scenario.

Yes, she is an amazing women. I can honestly say that she is talented beyond belief. She is an amazing actress and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in mainstream movies one day. She appears on many of our websites and has some serious acting ability.

Alos, she is so easy to get along with and very easy to work with. And I would never want to be on her bad side! She has no problem swinging that hand, and trust me it hurts! But she has a ton of life experience in both the medical field, and military. Which makes her a great Doctor and Prison Guard, which you can see, for example, on our medical fetish site DoctorTushy.

What are some of the strangest/most memorable requests and suggestions you’ve received from your site members and fans?

One that stands out the most is we had a member email us and asked us to block him from visiting our website. He said he became addicted to our site after becoming a member and wanted us to block him. He said it was ruining his life because he would spend time at work looking at the site and was not giving his wife enough attention at home.

Ms. Law tans a squirming naughty girl’s ass chery red.

Basically, he spent a lot of time online clicking “refresh” every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 p.m. waiting for the sites to update. Our members are great and I keep in touch with many of them. We have tons of truly dedicated members of our sites that have been members for years.

I’ve also had personal friends and family sign up to the websites, not having any clue that I was even involved in the sites. That was always memorable to see someone you know signup to a site you run and have no clue there is a connection.

Have you appeared or made a cameo in any Tushy films?

This will have to remain a mystery!

No problem. Overall, this sounds like a dream job to me. . .

I have to deal with the hottest sexiest girls in the world. If I told you it was not a dream job, I’d be lying.

How has the global economic downturn effected Bad Tushy and the entire Tushy network? and the adult industry in general?

All industries have had some downturns, but porn is one of those “comforts” people will always turn to. I’d say we are very lucky to be in an industry that always does well. When things are bad, there are certain comforts that people always have money for: Beer, cigarettes, and porn. Anything to make someone feel a little better will always do well.

Are the free adult video sites, the adult YouTube-style sites, are they friends or foes or both?

That’s a great question, and there is really no one answer to that. I’ve spoken about this with a few people in the past and the only thing we can come up with is tube sites are like gun shops.

Depending on how they are used, they can help and protect people, or cause violence and destruction. There are many factors involved.

I’ve heard from many producers that finding spanking models is very difficult and challenging and that surprised me. And if that’s the case, why do you think that it’s so hard to find great new spankees?

A lot of girls are scared, don’t know much about the industry, or even how to get involved in the adult industry. But with spanking in particular, a lot of models work different modeling jobs, and don’t want to be bruised for other shoots.

But we find amateur models love the shoots as they don’t need their bottoms to be in pristine condition every day and a lot of our amateur girls — models that don’t actually do porn for a living — really enjoy getting spanked on Bad Tushy.

One would think all these adult film starlets would want to supplement their income with a few cherry-red bottom themed scenes, no?

You would think so, but a lot of girls don’t want to do spanking. And I don’t understand. Our shoots are really fun, One day I’m going to have to make a behind the scenes spanking movie for Bad Tushy. Because the girls really do have fun on set.

I’m amazed at the lack of black people in the spanking scene–any thoughts on that?

Finding spanking models in itself is a lot harder than you would imagine, and there are a lot less black models in the adult film industry. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few black spanking models on Bad Tushy, maybe 4 or 5 in the past 7 years. I’d like to hire more, so if anyone knows any spanking models, aged 18-40 we are very interested. Doesn’t matter race, nationality, religion, etc. If they want to be spanked and have a nice ass, then bend them over!

Any future plans for the Tushy network, in terms of new sites, expansion, etc?

Yes, we have some big big plans in store for 2009. So definitely keep your eye on our sites.

Many thanks for your time Scott!

Thank you Dave, and as always it’s a pleasure chatting with you!


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6 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Talking Tushy with BadTushy”

  1. What an interesting interview. It really gives you an inside look at the adult industry and spanking industry in particular. I thought how he handled his friends and family was clever, haha, and that the portion on spanking models was also interesting. I guess girls are kind of hesitant to get spanked if they aren’t into it. A behind the scenes look would be interesting! Anyway the interview was a very fun read.
    I’ll really have to check out Bad Tushy!

    Thank you Dave, and Scott too!

  2. awesome interview, I love the Tushy network and have been a member for years! I was glad to hear about the possibility of more sites added to the network and the Behind the Scenes videos, they did 1 or 2 BTS vids for one of the sites but I forget which one! I have a major tushy fetish and these sites cater to my fetish most of the time! I love when girls say tushy in the videos, I wish more sites had the ladies saying cute words like tushy! oh well, thank god for the tushy network! Thanks for the great interview Dave and Scott!

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