Kami Tora’s Birthday Spanking Art

Battling flu-like symptoms so gonna’ keep the blogging brief. :cry:

Here’s another new Kami Tora illo, which he created to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the massive art forum website AnimeOtk. And just look at those perfect white bikini panties, tight as a snare drum on that wriggly tushy, delightfully anticipating some much-needed butt percussion. Funny, I’m feeling better already! Thanks Kami !

[Those who really dig spanking artwork will want to cruise over to Veralsis Spanking Showcase, which offers members access to over 40,000 spanking illos.]

* * *

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4 thoughts on “Kami Tora’s Birthday Spanking Art”

  1. Hi Dave! We had the flu at the same time. Hope you are feeling better now!

    I missed my birthday spanking this year. 😥 Perhaps I’ll have to take some fashion advice from this picture, throw on a party hat, and celebrate my unbirthday. Good thing I have 364 of those!

    OK, now off to check out your new site!


  2. Fabulous image, thanks Dave. Supercute from top to tidy toes. Nice little pink shorts too 😀 I think she can be sure of a very thorough thwacking.

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