Does Great Spank Art Belong in a Museum?

Original image used above is kind courtesy of Bad Tushy.

I offer an unequivocal “YES” to that hypothetical query. Vintage sepia-drenched photography. Enticing artwork. Classic cartoons. Though it would take a massive museum to house a spanking archive. Hm..even a traveling exhibit i.e. “Cherry Red: A History of Erotic Spanking” would be most welcome, don’t you think?

I’d love to curate that one. Any thoughts? Reader comments welcome and encouraged as always.

And it’s a blast to take a cool fetish photo, and alter its context. Manipulate its form. As Warhol did. As iconic poster artist Shepard Fairey does today.

[While I am no artist, I do love messing around with modern spanking images, for example making that B-Tushy image look perhaps late 60’s(?) vintage, as pictured on the left. It’s fun to play.]

[This is an intriguing topic that has blogged about before on these Cherry Red blog pages, in this post HERE, with lots more imagery — it’s a topic that always gets my spanko senses tingling.]

The image used in this post is a classic photo from Bad Tushy, perhaps 5 years old or so, and one I have a particular fondness for.

Indeed, if you look at the original, from the hair captured in mid flip to the cherry red & perfectly arched bottom, and pink panties ingloriously peeled to mid-thigh…

It’s classic tushy. It’s a classic spanko moment. Worthy of a museum.

* * * *

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4 thoughts on “Does Great Spank Art Belong in a Museum?”

  1. Oh, I would LOVE to go to a spanko art gallery. Paintings, sculptures, drawings. 😯

    I’ll be watching for the CRR mobile museum in a mall parking lot near me! 😆


  2. Yes!
    No explanation needed I guess 😉
    As you know I spent quite some time in browsing for (old) spanking art and I find it to bad that it is seen as porn or not suitable as art. So I will encourage anyone who wants to open a Spanko Art Gallery :-))


  3. Yes, Yes, a thousand times YES. Some of the worlds greatest art, is SPANKING ART. And they belong in some of our great museums in the world. Be it the Metropolitan Art Museum, here in New York, The Louvre, in Paris, The Hermitage, in St. Petersburg, Russia, the National Art Gallery, in London, plus. museums, located in Amsterdam, Berlin, Beijing, Madrid, Copenhagan, Oslo, and other renowned cities of this world of ours. Art patrons, around the world, should see these masterpieces. For I am sure they all would having a ‘spanking good time’, admiring them.

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