Cherry Red Hair and Red Ass at Firm Hand Spanking

I had to frame this marvelous photo.

This recent iconic image of new model Alison Miller of Firm Hand Spanking, whose flaming auburn locks and crimson tresses soar, fly and flip gracefully through the air while obscuring her bathbrush wielding Top, really captured this blogger’s attention.

The hair flip thing is always a winner in my book. If I had Twitter, I’d be sending out some tweets on this. These cherry redheads simply drive me bonkers. We all know naturally auburn-haired Amber is a Goddess.

Be that as it may, these brightly colored red-haired brats make one want to redden their wiggling tushies to a matching hue — and matching red hot temperature. Another notable spankee with flaming red locks is Morgan Mae at Punished Brats.

Firm Hand’s website offered a backstory on this imagery: “Pretty senior Alison Miller is signed up for Attitude Adjustment to deal with her behavior problems. She fails to turn up at all one day, and today she is 45 minutes late.

“There’s a paddle, cane and brush in Ms Wallace’s office, but it’s the smarting, bottom-clenching bath-brush that goes to work on her tight denim-clad rear, which is swiftly bared for 52 swats.”

* * *

Here’s another similar image below of Alison Miller working the flying red hair maneuver, once again obscuring her Spanker in this yummy image. It’s possible the lovely and talented wildcat Beverly Bacci might have the patent on this classic move. Anyway, do not try this at home.

* * *

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3 thoughts on “Cherry Red Hair and Red Ass at Firm Hand Spanking”

  1. That really was a terrific shot of the hair. Always knew I liked something about Bacci’s shoots and I think you hit it.

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