Real Life Spankings Gone Wild: 6 New DVD’s

The good folks at Real Life Spankings in The Netherlands have gone DVD crazy, having recently released 6 intriguing DVD’s of rump-roasting and splendid spanking discipline, which are available for discreet mail-order delivery — or your can watch them online in their member’s section of course.

Mike, the spanko in chief at RLS who was interviewed on this blog HERE, informs us some of their most popular bottoms are featured, including the ever misbehaving Simpa and devilish spankee Angel.

One release is devoted to an RLS speciality: outdoor discipline in the great outdoors; another is focused on hard tear-inducing butt percussion that leaves these sorry spankees having a good cry.

I’m sure their other stand-out spankees such as Kitty will be getting their own dedicated DVD’s in the near future. And Sofia….and Simpa….and Jolie….and the list goes on. And the spanking will go on. As apparently these incorrigible Dutch hotties just never seem to behave.

[Editorial Addendum: Stay tuned for a forthcoming interview with one of the aforementioned naughties at Real Life Spankings–I can say no more at the present time! — and detailed reviews of these DVD’s are in the editorial pipeline.]

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