Let’s Ask Alison: Reader Participation Requested

The Editorial Research Division at CRR has been in correspondence with new Firm Hand Spanking model, and flaming-red haired beauty, Alison Miller. She’s been kind of enough to participate in a short interview for this blog, and was recently featured with some of her delightful pix a few posts ago HERE.

Let’s try something different however. This will only work with reader participation and feedback. Yes, that is you, my friends.

What would YOU like to ask new spanking model Alison Miller?

Your questions can be quirky. and fun. Intriguing and naughty. Serious or not. Spanko related and/or vanilla related. i.e What’s on your iPod right now? Thongs vs. bikini panties? Talk to us about the red hair? How did you get into the otk biz at Firm Hand Spanking? Red Sox or Yankees?

So here’s the plan: If you could leave a comment, or email me, with your question, or questions [please include your first name and where you are from, if you don’t mind].

Then I’ll organize the questions and forward them to Alison and pray we haven’t spooked this lovely minx with overly nutty spanko queries. Thank you!


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8 thoughts on “Let’s Ask Alison: Reader Participation Requested”

  1. Allison, first of all you have an angel face and a very naughty but gorgeous tushy! My fetish is I love to hear girls use words like Tushy & Hiney during spanking! I guess my question is: Do you think that is a wierd fetish and if not will you go on a site such as BadTushy and fulfill my fantasy of hearing you say Tushy and Hiney during a spanking scene?

    Corey from NJ

  2. I know I mentioned BadTushy in my last post, but Alison could always fulfill my fantasy on FirmHandSpanking’s website as well, lol! I would also like to know what implement for spanking does she like best: Hand, Paddle, Strap, Cane, etc.? also does she prefer to be spanked by men or women if she has a preference? personally I’d love to see another woman spank her and hear both women sayin tushy and hiney during the spanking session! sorry I know bottom and bum are commonly used but I just love the female voice saying tushy & hiney!

  3. How often do you hear someone say they will(or want to) spank your ass as red as your hair?


  4. Allison, you are utterly adorable and exquisitely spankable, and I am delighted you’re now on the scene. Firm Hand does mostly mock punishment scenarios (and does them very well), but I equally enjoy watching a lass get her bottom spanked soundly just because it’s so shapely, and because she and her spanker enjoy and are aroused by the spanking. Do you ever do such a scene, or do you prefer to role play, that you’ve been naughty and have a price to pay?

    Ken the Enchanter
    Boca Raton, FL

  5. Alison what celebrity (male or female or both) would you most like to be spanked by? Also do you enjoy spanking at home in your personal life or do you only receive a red tushy for that lovely green paper that pays the bills? I only ask because in porn alot of girls are “gay for pay” so I was just curious! Also one more question, can I be the person who gets to put the soothing lotion on your sore red hiney after your spankings? sorry had to ask, lol!

  6. If spanking is a fetish of yours, not just for work, at what age did you discover the interest in spanking? did you see it in a certain movie that peaked your interest? were you spanked as a child? did one of your previous boyfriends or girlfriends playfully spank you as a teen and you got aroused by it? by the way thank you for having such a cute spankable tushy, lol!

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