But Daddy: Fun With Captions

Is a time-out in order??

Slow spanko newsday. Several thrilling features are on-hold. Alas, a quick pic post. Image from The Cherry Red Report’s vast daisy duke archives. Pervy caption by CRR. Model and source unfortunately unknown.

* * *

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6 thoughts on “But Daddy: Fun With Captions”

  1. I am always trying to remember the spanking story that made me think that hay is really sexy. For some reason, though, I think it featured bales of hay in an attic, so I think I must be combining different tails (ahem – tales).

    I should start stopping by your blog first thing in the morning more often. The sheer percentage of bare bottoms makes it impossible not to start the day off right. Better than a breakfast of champions! (Unless the breakfast was of some sort of spanking competition champions, in which case, I will set my cereal aside. 😛 )

  2. Dave–nice caption for a lovely picture. I’ve been having “caption fun” with a number of pictures on my own blog recently. Sometimes I’ll see a photo and a caption or two automatically pops into my head, while other photos bring no response (other than, “Nice photo”, that is).
    I finally decided a while back to just give in to the impulse and post photo and caption. Glad to see you came to the same conclusion–at least in this instance!

    Dr. Ken

  3. I’d like to put her over my knee and make her say, “HAY”, lol! after seeing the comment about breakfast of champions, I started thinkin about March Madness that just started! Maybe the CRR can come up with a Sweet 16 of Spankees and rank them 1-16 and the readers can vote on who advances to the final 4 and ultimately the Cherry Red Tushy Champion of CRR! just an idea, might be fun! A field of 64 might be tough but 16 should be possible! In the march madness tournament they will be at the Sweet 16 point next weekend, 16 tushies sure would be sweet! maybe Dave can come up with something and rank 16 spankable bottoms just like they do for March Madness! if he does decide to do something though he needs reader participation, I don’t wanna waste his time, but I thought it might be fun for all of us!

  4. Corey, I had the same thought! But I think we could easily manage 64 or more. When you take into all the modelly model girls, the literate “I do this because it is my soul” model girls, the outside the norm model girls, the amateur model girls, and then the ones who are part of the spankoverse but don’t actually model, I can’t figure how we’d ever fit all those bottoms into brackets. As one of the literate “I do this because it is my soul,” amateur, outside the norm girls, I’d feel sad if I wasn’t included, even if I wasn’t ever going to beat (bracket-wise) the Barely Legal types. So, 128 brackets or more! Poor Dave would be overrun by tushies and would have to ask for so much time off from work he’d have to start doing this professionally.

    PS – Dave, when will you be able to just do this professionally? When you do, please help me do the same!!!

  5. sounds like Abby is on board, you’re probably right a field of 64 probably would be easy when ya think about it like you pointed out! I’m sure Dave would include you Abby as I am sure your tushy is quite Spank-a-licious! I think next year March Madness will be quite Spanktacular on CRR! too late for this year but plenty of time for next year, Spanked Tushy Madness in 2010, lol! Hi My Name is Corey and I’m a TUSH-A-HOLIC, lol!

  6. Abby: hay makes me think of cowgirls. woodsheds. and daisy dukes. and tushy spankings. Your blog rocks btw.

    Dr. Ken: I’m enjoying your kinky caption-ized pics on your blog as well.

    Corey: lol….welcome to Tush-a-holics, Anonymous.

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