Top 10 Tips on Bratting by Special Guest Columnist Chloe

Just not getting that achey hot behind you utterly crave and desire? Looking to sleep on your tummy tonite? Or are you perhaps simply on a quest to drive your Dom to seek therapy?

Let Chloe help you!

We are in serious Defcon-5 Brat Mode here at CRR headquarters, and are alternately honored, delighted and frightened to present this special guest column by spanking celebrity Chloe, who is a seasoned specialist on all things spanking and bratting.

And, I might add, pouting. Chloe has one of the finest pouts in spanko history. On that note, she also is a master of the over-the-knee reverse leg kick maneuver. [Tops–PLEASE use caution.]

[FYI. The previous guest columnist on the cherry red blog was Sinn Sage, with her sizzling post on Top Tips on Erotic Spanking.]

If you don’t know Chloe, this unstoppable cutie and all-natural brat gets her spanko on professionally for a wide range of companies, ranging from Punished Brats to Clare Fonda to Bad Tushy, and more, and has her own cool blog HERE.

She also has an incredibly cute cat wonderfully named McLovin. This “spanko kitty” will be featured in a future post on “Spanking Models and Their Incredibly Cute Cats.”

Have your own bratting tips to share? I know you do, so feel free to leave them in the comment box.

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Top 10 Ways to Get a Spanking Tonight: i.e. Bratting for Nice Girls (and Boys)” by special guest columnist Chloe

In case “hand me the paddle” or “get over my knee” are unfamiliar phrases in your daily life, check out the article on my blog for some tips on how to find a mate to spank you. If you’ve already got someone with a willing hand, here’s how to remind them that sometimes even good girls and boys need spankings.

1. Identify your spanker’s buttons and push them. (Not picking up after yourself, leaving the lights on, etc… Find the one thing they don’t like — and do it.)

2. The oldie but goodie practical jokes—my favorite being putting shaving cream in the hand and tickling their face with a feather while they are asleep.

3. Constantly ask for new things—dinner and drinks, a new puppy, and that outfit at the mall you just *have* to have. Never let on that you are happy even if you get everything you asked for. Just keep whining for the next thing.

4. Two words: squirt gun.

5. Avoid responsibility at all costs. If something gets broken or something happens that wasn’t supposed to—YOU DIDN’T DO IT.

Cheerleaders Chloe, and Pixie, get a taste of the paddle at PunishedBrats.

6. Conveniently “forget” when asked to do things like pick up the milk, take out the recycling, or be home by a certain time.

7. Fairness doesn’t matter except where you’re concerned. Never tolerate any act of injustice, while dishing it out wherever and as often as you see fit.

8. Scratch the word inappropriate from your vocabulary. As far as you are concerned, no topic is off limits, nothing is too crude, and it is never to late to scream and play your music as loud as you want.

9. It’s all about you. It’s OK to ask others to go out of their way to please you, and don’t even think about conceding to other’s wants and needs. “Kiss my butt” and “because I said so” should be used at least once a day.

10. And never, ever apologize. Not that you’re ever wrong in the first place.

Chloe goes to “Brat Camp” at Firm Hand Spanking.

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