Coming Friday to The Cherry Red: Exclusive Q&A with “Ms Law” from Bad Tushy

I’ve always wondered about the background of the beautiful, statuesque, hard-spanking female spanker on Bad Tushy, “Ms. Law,” who has cherried the sorry ass of many a squirming spankee.

Ms. Law is known in the wider adult movie world as porn film superstar Kayla Quinn.

After about a year of emails and research, of queries, investigative leads and phone calls, The Cherry Red Report is very pleased to announce we will be featuring an exclusive interview on Friday with Kayla Quinn: the always gracious and intriguing butt-blistering spanker, adult film star and budding mainstream film/TV star, and West Coast celebrity. This will be her first ever interview.

The multi-talented Ms. Quinn, who goes by the highly appropriate name of Ms. Law on Bad Tushy and other Tushy sites for her hard ass-tanning antics and tongue-lashing scolding skills, is a highly successful adult film star who has appeared in numerous mainstream TV and movie roles.

Very funny and brutally honest, the always candid Kayla Quinn, the self-proclaimed “The Martha Stewart of Porn” but with “a better rack and no federal convictions,” will give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on spanking; hardcore film; making it in Hollywood; serving in the US Military; beating cancer twice; cooking food from scratch; hiring me as her personal slave; and more.

Stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “Coming Friday to The Cherry Red: Exclusive Q&A with “Ms Law” from Bad Tushy”

  1. Wow! I’ve been invited to shoot with Bad Tushy in a couple of months, so I am agog to find out a bit more about the ferocious Ms Law in advance. She sounds awesome.

  2. Pandora: Sounds great ! And I loved how you used the word “agog.” Haven’t heard that one in a while. Have fun with your Tushy shoot!

    Karl: Thx.

  3. Spankfun:

    Thx for your comments Felix. I did see that video issue on the Spanking Spot blog

    Ms. Law has nothing to do with video encoding or any technical aspects of the site. She simply does a heck of a lot of bottom warming 🙂

    I did interview one of the top folks from Bad Tushy, Scott, a month or so ago on my blog, but didn’t ask him about this video query…….I will send them a note about it.

    Take care,
    Dave 🙂

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