The Malt Shop: Classic Art by The Spirit

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It’s time once again to blog on one of my fav topics: spanking art. Above is a wonderful, evocative, retro-fueled piece from 1998, entitled “Today’s Special at The Malt Shop,” by The Artist Known as The Spirit, a masterful artist, as recently posted on his archives section of his online gallery. Today’s special at this malt shop is apparently rump roast. Well-done.

[On a side note, a splendid resource for modern and vintage spank art is the most comprehensive collection available on the Web at Veralsi’s Spanking Showcase.]

Here is the intriguing backstory on this artwork from The Spirit’s website:

This is the third of three 1950’s period pieces as modeled by, Alissa. I can picture life in the 1950s as an era when anyone-could-spank-anyone at any given moment in time.

Today’s “Special At The Malt Shop” is a colorful depiction of just that, an embarrassing incident which involved the mischievous student of this series, and a waitress (with little patience that day) at the local malt shop one seemingly ordinary afternoon.

After class, the Senior student and her friend met at the malt shop as they do routinely to gossip about boys and laugh about pranks they’ve been involved with. She weaved around the shop with her strawberry milkshake grasped in her hand, and was blindly distracted as she peered out the window at her classmates walking by.

The waitress, who was having a particularly long day, had repeatedly warned the energetic lass not to run around with the thick and creamy milkshake as it could spill on the floor (which the waitress had already cleaned several times already).

This warning was soon forgotten when she spotted a dreamy guy from school walking past the window. She jumped up quickly and raced to the door in a careless dash, but slipped on the freshly cleaned floor and tumbled down and forward. Her milkshake slipped from her hand and spilled out completely on the floor leaving a terrible mess.

The waitress strolled over and helped the dazed teen to her feet with a quick and sudden yank. The Malt Shop had a huge and delicious selection on their menu, and their ‘specials’ were famous all over town.

It was that afternoon that the waitress served up a heaping portion of ‘Today’s Special’ to the careless student. It was served over her lap and delivered briskly with her thick wooden hairbrush.

Perv on over to The Spirit’s website.

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  1. the 50s when the spanking was the best way to dicipline the bad behavier i like tobe live like the 50s and be spankd as in that epoke

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