Talking Hot Sex, Sizzling Spanking and More with Kayla Quinn from BadTushy

As mentioned previously on this blog HERE, below is the exclusive interview with Kayla Quinn, who is the tushy-tanning, smack-down specialist “Ms. Law” on Bad Tushy and is also an adult film star and actor in mainstream TV shows and films.

Get the inside scoop on the art of butt blistering, West Coast style; getting freaky on film for a living; cooking meals from scratch; making it in Hollywood; beating cancer twice; serving in the US Air Force; and much more in the first-ever interview with this self-described “Martha Stewart of porn.”

* * *

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with The Cherry Red Report — it is an honor.

The honor is all mine. I am flattered that I was even contacted.

I understand you are working in not only the adult scene, but are scoring roles in mainstream TV shows and movies. Can you give us the inside scoop on that? When you become famous, don’t forget about us!

I will never, ever forget my roots, I thoroughly enjoy both realms of filming. Be it mainstream or adult, I am and always will be, a camera whore! 😉 I have been doing a lot of background and feature work on television and in movies [EDITORIAL NOTE: mainstream film/TV titles can not be specifically named in this blog due to screen actor’s union regulations].

I did not turn to mainstream work, it came to me. The person who casts background for [a major cable TV drama] and I share a mutual friend. The mutual friend was told they were in need of a “busty chick with tattoos,” so I was summoned. The rest is history.

As a famous adult film star who has appeared in scores of hardcore films, how did you end up working with the Tushy Network, especially their flagship spanking site Bad Tushy ?

Actually, when Bad Tushy was still in the conceptual stages, I shot/starred in the test footage. I think I go back a bit further than you realize! I spanked for Tushy, before I fucked for DVD. I guess you can say Tushy “made” me! I may get swept up in other projects, but I always seem to find my way back to Tushy.

I dig how you call yourself on your website “The Martha Stewart of Porn.” How did that moniker come about?

Ha! I *am* the Martha Stewart of Porn…just with a better rack and no federal conviction. It came about when I realized how much duality I’m comprised of…I shoot hardcore, dirty scenes yet I cook all meals from scratch; I do not believe men should ever do housework other than taking out the garbage; I do not believe in frozen foods, just frozen ingredients…let me rephrase, I believe frozen foods “exist,” but I do not think they should; I sew; I do craft projects; I am a nerd.

You are known as “Ms. Law” on the Bad Tushy site — how did that name come about?

Actually, I asked Scott about that…they had, apparently, referred to me as “Ms. Law” in a webisode and it stuck. It’s better than the Dr. Quinn jokes I get on DoctorTushy. . . *giggle*

It appears that your impressive background as a nurse and also your distinguished service in the Air Force perhaps helped with both your medical fetish scenes — and your very strict, stern, no-nonsense demeanor on camera in your spanking scenes? and your pro acting career as well.

There are several positive traits/habits I took with me from my time serving the USAF which have helped me throughout my life; punctuality, pride in my work, work ethic, attention to detail, being able to flow in and out of the military mindset, not to mention to the actual medical knowledge and training. I excelled in the military and part of me still misses it.

I must say, you are one of the hardest spankers I have seen, either male or female. And also seem truly “into the scene” in a very real way.

HAHAHA! I’ve been quoted MANY times saying, “You’re taking the paycheck, do the job 100%” I refuse to rob my fans by lightly tapping an ass! They want to see a beating, I want to give a beating…the fact they pay me to do so on Bad Tushy is merely gravy on the biscuits! I’m delighted to hear that I spank hard, I sometimes wonder if I am too weak. I’m closing in on 40, I hope my spanking days are not behind me.

Is the hand and paddle your instrument of choice? and favorite position over the knee I’m guessing? Would love to see you test out a hairbrush or two, maybe over skin tight jeans for starters.

I am not sure, to be honest, if I prefer hand or paddle…they are definitely my two favorites. My least favorite is actually the belt…the buckle has a tendency to either be too large to fit in my hand or flop over and crack the back of my hand during the swing and throw my strike off balance.

I have no issues with the amount of pain I may be causing to the fleshy cheeks of a doubt-bubble, but I refuse to do harm to parts that are not meant to being hit. An off-balance strike can cause injury to the tailbone or spine…I don’t mind spanking a girl but I am not going to cripple her!

So many people think all I do is force a girl onto my lap then start spanking. It is not that simple. If the spanker does not know what he or she is doing, there is a far greater risk of serious injury. Not to sound all snooty, but there IS an art to not only the smack-down but to speeding up recovery as well. By the way, yes I would love to try a hairbrush over skin-tight jeans! Line those bitches up! *giggle*

Out of the network of Tushy sites, which is your favorite to shoot for? and why?

Asking me about my favorite Tushy site is asking if I prefer air or water…I need both. I love Bad Tushy, because I take pride in the grouping of my blows and like to make designs in the bruises I leave behind. I tend to try to make bunnies and flowers most often, the occasional butterfly, too.

I love Caged Tushy because the character I created, Officer Dyke, is fun to play. Doctor Tushy is fun for me, as well. I have actually diagnosed girls and had them call to confirm what I said after visiting their actual physician.

The Tushy School site is OK, but not as much fun for me only because it gets formulaic and I am not really involved in the second half of the scenes for that site — I merely “supervise” the second part. Why have a juicy butt in front of you if you can’t touch it? Would a diabetic go into a candy store?! I miss fucking guys with strap-ons. I have been a ringer in MANY of those types of DVD’s — I am not sure why I never get to do those anymore…

What’s it like working with Scott, who was recently featured HERE on The Cherry Red Report? He has a dream job it seems.

Scott makes MY job a dream. He is fragging awesome!

If you don’t mind my asking, do you enjoy getting spanked yourself?

It is very rare that I take the spanking instead of giving the spanking. I have an incredibly high pain tolerance. The last time I got spanked, it did not hurt at the time (nor did it afterwards), but despite an aggressive vitamin c and arnica regimen, visible bruises were still visible a week and a half later.

I enjoy getting spanked, but I do not enjoy someone tapping away at my ass. That is just annoying, if you can’t take me, don’t bother me! Bring it strong or not at all.

How does working in the adult/fetish/spanking market compare to working in mainstream TV/movies, generally speaking? Do you enjoy one more than the other? Is one more rewarding for you than the other?

Mainstream, at least for now, does not pay me anywhere near as much as hardcore adult fucking. Fetish/spanking pays somewhere in-between the two. I enjoy all realms that I work in, I will not do something I do not enjoy. Period. My fans can tell when I am into something and I am nothing without my fans. I won’t let them down just as they’ve never let me down.

The only edge mainstream has over any other type of thing I shoot is this: my family can now see some of my work and actually brag about what I do rather than shy away from that topic.

What’s the last movie you saw at the theatre?

Hmmm…neither I nor my on-again-off-again BF can remember. My dog-sitter plays poker every week with someone whose job is to review movies so we tend to watch everything on DVD. Shhh…..

In addition to, you dole out some of your erotic/sexual wisdom and experience on the AskKayla website. Do you enjoy doing that? Seems you stay very busy with all your sites and creative work.

By enjoying the research side of AskKayla, I tend to be a studious person, I am actually a month plus behind on AK at the moment. I am hoping to catch up on it soon. I hate it when I fall behind on stuff, it just seems to snowball on me and I am easily frustrated when I feel overwhelmed. *sigh* MAJOR control-freak character flaw I have.

And you do all the web design, video production, marketing, everything on all your sites? Very impressive.

LOL. Don’t be TOO impressed, I am always way behind!

I’m not an expert by any means on the adult industry, but I’ve always wondered why there are not *more* spanking scenes in mainstream adult cinema? Seems like they go so well together, no?

Honestly, it is a money thing. If you get bruised up on Monday by a spanking, you cannot shoot a regular fuck scene on Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday or….

Will you continue your spanking work with Bad Tushy ?

I am hoping to continue my work with Scott and the rest of the Tushy family. It seems as though my mainstream schedule has been a bit difficult to work around lately, but I am hoping this is a temporary glitch and in no way a harbinger of things to come.

Any future plans/projects in the works, both in the adult world and mainstream film/TV? Basically, what’s next for Kayla Quinn?

Having beaten terminal cancer TWICE, I have become less of a plan-maker and more of a “go with the flow” kind of chick. I am still not back up to 100% of my strength and I am not sure which side of the fence I want to be on — mainstream or adult.

I know I will have to decide soon, but until I am forced to do so, I will tiptoe on this barbed-wire tightrope a bit longer! I enjoy both arenas. I wonder how much longer I can stay under the radar…

Again, thank you very much time for your time Ms. Quinn!

Thank YOU! I needed the ego-boost of someone thinking me worthy of being interviewed! Sorry it took me so long to get back with the answers. Time to go for a contact lens fitting..[a mainstream horror/thriller film] has me booked on Friday. I’m getting possessed by a succubus…w00t!


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  1. “I do not believe men should ever do housework other than taking out the garbage”

    “I refuse to rob my fans by lightly tapping an ass!”

    I think I just fell deeply in lust 🙂


  2. You know, I am really not the marrying type…why don’t we shack up for a bit, wait for the inevitable souring of our relationship…oh sure, the sex will be GREAT at first, but I will eventually lose interest and dump you. You’ll hate me at first, wish me dead…you’ll bounce around from one shallow meaningless relationship to another in an attempt to fill the void I have left in your life….but, in the long run, you’ll be a better, stronger person for it. You will see that, all along, I was never good enough for you; I didn’t treat you right. You will move on and find someone who TRULY loves you for you and *that*, baby, is what you really deserve. We’ll have coffee sometime after the hurting heals…


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