Code Yellow: Cherry Red Spanking Threat Level Index

Just an fyi…..We here at The Cherry Red Report corporate headquarters are pleased to announce the “Cherry Red Spanking Threat Level Index” has been lowered from “High” to “Elevated” – from Code Orange to Code Yellow. We have only been in a Code Red situation once. Code Cherry Red, that is…but that’s for another post.

The lowering of the spanking index may partly be due to generalized improved mood and spirits on all fronts with advent of a long anticipated Spring; the Red Sox opening day at Fenway park; Heidi Mayne, the latest yummy addition at Spanked Sweeties; Mr. Dave tuning up his Specialized racing bike and getting it road-ready; and, for now, less frequent bratitude and sassy shenanigans by our gorgeous Intern, as well as the CRR research/editorial team.

Be that as it may, a deliciously firm hand is always at the ready, and an old-fashioned hairbrush is never out of reach at the CRR offices. . .

***CRR Editorial News: Hope you all liked the previous blog post/interview with Kayla Quinn –she is a blast to chat with, and now wants to hire me as her personal slave..errm…no wait…personal assistant! Anyway, stay tuned for a forthcoming interview with the legendary Dallas from Dallas Spanks (Very) Hard; a Q&A with the spanktastic Jolie from Real Life Spankings; and down the road a bit, a chat with the stunning Alison “I Heart Flaming Red Hair” Miller from Firm Hand Spanking.

***Quick Blog Shout-Out: On a side note, do check out the delightfully unique and relatively new Suzy’s Spanking Union website. It appears that spankees have formed a fast-growing Union, the SSU, to report “Spanker violations.”(!) They may in the very near future make the Teamsters look like child’s play. Might a change to Code Red be in order if the SSU takes over the world?

***More Blog News, But Briefly: So many blogs… Amelia Jane Rutherford is back to blogging, despite the fact that she, yes, it’s true, “forgot she had a blog”(!). lol…She is not only stunning, but a very funny writer and splendid person. Speaking of splendid, one of my favest all-time bloggers, Abby, is back at her must-read blog — an amazing writer, both fiction and non, who is headed for great things. Pro spankee Kami Robertson’s got a fab new blog–top-notch writer also. Have you been to the humorous Yeouch!! blog yet? In other news, perv on over to the uniquely kinko creations and photos on Old Fashion Girl’s blog.

***Got Dukes? The rumors are true. I have actually updated my other lil blog, The Daisy Dukes Report, the “world’s leading supplier of short-shorts goodness,” with fresh new asstastic imagery of spankables clad in daisy dukes and not much else.

* * *

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8 Responses to Code Yellow: Cherry Red Spanking Threat Level Index

  1. Abby W says:

    Merry Sox Season!

    Also, you need to start manufacturing those spanking threat signs. Magnetize them or the like. Perfect for the spanko’s fridge! It’s always nice to be forewarned, for better mental prep and cuter panties.


  2. cherryred says:

    thanks Abby! forwarned for better “mental prep and cuter panties.” LOL. Did I tell you I love the way your mind works?? 🙂

  3. Veronica says:

    Thanks for the shout out. xxxooo!

  4. Sarah Bright says:

    Hey Dave, thanks for dropping by my blog site- even if it was only to drool over the car lmao x x x x

  5. Suzy says:

    Thank you Dave for helping spread the word about our fine Union… hopefully this will help even more spankees to join and report any unspanksmanlike behavior from their spankers, knowing they have us all behind them : 🙂


  6. Sherie says:

    It is great to see the heads up on the Suzy Union….

    It is a fun site and well worth checking out! I know I’ve “paid my dues” at the recent Allstate Spanking party and couldn’t think of a better group of people to be around on a blog. 😛

  7. Loki Renard says:

    Okay, this is very cute 😛 Now if only the spanking advisory system could be displayed somewhere useful, like a top’s forehead!

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