Batman Spanks Catwoman: Art by Raf Marinetti

How many times must I tell you NOT to touch my super-power utility belt? Since you seem to like my belt so much, here’s a taste of it….**POW!**

I saw this pulse-quickening, belt-wielding Batman artwork a few days ago on Chross’ Blog, and thought it was a delicious illo in the ever popular superhero ass-tanning genre of spank-art.

[Caption by yours truly–Feel free to suggest your own spanktastic caption in the comment box.]

Catwoman is looking especially tantalizing here, with her leather or latex-clad bodacious posterior arched, squirming, anticipating purrfectly. Meow.

The artist is the talented Italian illustrator Raf Marinetti.

* * *

For a collection of over 40,000 spanking illustrations in their member’s archives, perv on over to the Veralsis spanking mega-site.

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3 thoughts on “Batman Spanks Catwoman: Art by Raf Marinetti”

  1. Dave – that’s a great drawing. I went over to Marinetti’s blog and he has a great collection of superheroes and heroines getting it. I liked the Wonderwoman one although I could’ve done without the ball gag.


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