Of Surfing, Singing and Spanking: A Q&A with Dallas

Ever wonder who is the man behind that iron hand? The butt-blistering, tear-inducing hand of Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard fame?

He’s not only a hardcore spanko, the man knows some Kung Fu. He’s from Hawaii. He is a serious surfer. He loves to sing. Works in the TV/movie industry. Hobnobs with celebrities and has spanked more than a few of ’em.

And Dallas has been playing butt percussion since age 4(!).

Spanking supermodel Amelia Jane Rutherford, as a sassy cheerleader, tastes the stinging leather strap from Dallas at Dallas Spanks Hard.

So essentially, when I was a toddler fiddling with Legos, the young Dallas was already tanning tushy and taking names.

Sweet biscuits, he’s an inspiration. Want to know more about Dallas? Check out the Q&A below, along with lots more visual eye candy for your viewing enjoyment.

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Hi Dallas, Thank you for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report!

Thanks Dave. Never too busy for the cause.

How have things been going at your website, Dallas Spanks Hard?

Business is good. People seem to like what I do, and the flavor of realism I bring — because many of the spankngs I end up giving models are for real reasons in their personal lives.

When you are not tanning bottoms, what are you up to?

Well, being from Hawaii my number one thing is surfing. Sabrina [his significant other] took some cool shots of me surfing the other day.

St. Paddy’s day to be exact. Even caught the always elusive tube ride on camera:

I was a Semi Pro surfer in the Late 70’s. I used my water skills to become a Hawaii state certified Surfing instructor and Outrigger canoe ( eventually captain )

I started paddling…..canoes…at an early age. I was a stroker on 3 Molokai Channel races.

I also sing. My Dad sang…didn’t really know him — but he had a great voice according to my Mom.

Regarding your “vanilla” career, I read a read a long time ago you work in movies/film?

Yes. I have been in the I.A.T.S.E [a union for movie/TV industry workers] for 19 years — still a card carrying member. Worked on many feature films, commercials and TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer for 6 seasons. Worked with Oliver stone, Barry Levinson, Shady-ac on LIAR LIAR. Tin Cup — where I got Renee Russo very interested in my spanking escapades. Especially when she found out I was spanking her stand–in.

On a somewhat random side note, what is on your iPod right now?

In my truck, I have Michael Buble. I worked on Buble’s “Everything” video. He seems to be in my vocal range. So I listen to how a song maps out. My iPod has 40 gigs of music. A little to much to list. But I am a huge Bowie fan.

What California sports teams are you into, if any?

I am not a sports team fanatic. I was a Muay Thai boxer in my early twenties. Mixed Martial Arts is what I watch usually.

What was it like working on Dallas Spanks Hard with Penthouse cover model Martina Warren? [pictured above]

She is a laid back and super cool woman. An animal lover like us. She even named her puppy “Spanky” because she used the models fee to go and buy a puppy right after our shoot — with a RED bottom.

Is she the biggest celebrity you have spanked?

No. I spanked Shannon Elizabeth in a club on her birthday. Eliza Dusku on Buffy asked for a lick with a strap. I dated (and spanked) Ola Ray, who is the girl in Michael Jacksons Thriller video. I have had people over the years try to tell me this didn’t happen. So…for the last time….everyone out there. It did…end of story.

How did you find Penthouse model Martina Warren? or did she find you?

I talked to her for a year back and forth. When we found out we had both moved and were neighbors…it worked out. You know I was the first one to approach Amelia Jane Rutherford about spanking. I talked to her through a mainstream modeling website.

I just used my spanking radar: spankodar. She confessed to me she “adored” spankngs. There are a handful of beautiful, genuine, sweet and wonderful models out there. She and Pixie, Samantha Woodley, Sierra… Audrey Knight and Abigail Wittaker, Kordelia Devonshire, Nikki Flynn of course are some of my all time favorites. Most importantly…they are my friends.

How do you typically find and hire models for DSH?

Many ways… I met my ex girlfriend Austin in a Verizon store on my birthday. She asked me what I used the camera I was carrying for. I told her. She worked for me two days later.

Sabrina is a key factor in helping me find fresh talent. She does so much around here! What a talent she is all her own!

You seem to have spanked all the big names on DSH, from Amelia Jane to Pixie to Samantha Woodley to Audrey Knight, Abigial Whitaker, etc. Who would you like to spank in the scene that you have not worked with yet??

I would have loved to see if Rosaleen could have taken my real punishment. I would like to work with Tiki again. Raven as well. Though I am on a quest for the next new spanking stars.

If you could pick one mainstream super-star celeb to spank, who would it be? not counting Paris or Britney–too obvious.

Worked with both of them. I think I would like to spank Dasha…the 55th anniversary Playboy Playmate.

Considering how firmly you spank, how often does a model back out of a spanking film last minute? or flee from a scene in mid-shoot?

Nobody has ever backed out on DSH. I have had some show up and say “I am sorry…I…I..just can’t do this!” I did have a a friend named Liz refer her cousin to me. I started her spanking. Got through maybe 10 minutes. She took the cash and ran. That is right! Sierra and I were checking photos between spankings. We came out and her stuff and the models fee were gone.

I called Liz..who started crying of course. “She did this again!?”

I said “What you talking about Willis?’ She did this before to another friend she tells me. I told Liz… “ I guess I will spank you then.” She agreed reluctantly.

I went over to her apartment two day later. She begged to not have it bare. She got a hard bare bottomed spanking….I mean I blistered her bottom. She would show her butt to people at the bar she worked as a cocktail waitress. I became quite famous at that bar.

What are some of your most memorable spanking shoots for Dallas Spanks Hard? and why were they so memorable?

Anything I do with Amber “Pixie” Wells. This woman is just a jewel of a person. Samantha Woodley and I always had great shoots. We were friends since she first entered the scene. I was the first person to talk to her when she came to her first Shadow Lane party. I have given 50x the spankings off camera from then on.

She would stay with Sierra and I for a couple months at a time. I am talking daily spankings here with those two..LOL… Spanking Audrey Knight and Abigail together on the same day — pretty memorable. The first time Sierra Salem cried on camera is also very memorable.

One video that I really like from your site is an older one with Mina Meow. I dunno, just like her look, her firm petite tushy and how she wiggled delightfully over your lap. Any thoughts on that one?

Mina Meow [pictured below] is great! I still talk to her all the time. I love the way she says “Hello Sir!” when she answers the phone. The night I spanked her was an interesting night.

I had Kailee and her sister Lily and Mina there. I spanked her in front of them and her real life master… who I have know for years. If you watch carefully you will see her looking over at him as if to say “This is the most painful spanking I have EVER gotten…but I will take it sir.”

Where did you get your heavy-handed hard-spanking style?

I think spanking comes from body mechanics. I used A LOT of rotator cuff [shoulder] motion in surfing and canoe paddling all my life. I was also a martial artist since I was young. I started in Judo at 6… Shotukan till 11.

I went into the Choy Li Fut “white stork” system of Kung Fu. Then into Thai Boxing where I fought in the WKA. So I think the form of your body mechanics and your hand is where it comes from. Not having any problem going long and hard with no damage to my hand helps as well.

Are you into more mild, erotic spankings as well?

Even my erotic ones seem a little hard for many women of my past.

Do you typically like to start over jeans/panties, etc? or go straight to bare?

Depends on the situation. I like to see the state of redness. That tells me a lot of how the spanking is going.

What is that lotion that you apply to your spankee’s squirming posteriors?

I started experimenting with the sting factor years ago. I started with glycerine….then on two various gels.. now the best I found is thick pure viatamin E oil.

It is like spanking a girl with a wet bottom that never evaporates. It also adds traction to an implement or hand which cause more friction and burn.

Do you prefer OTK/hand……or implements or a combo of both?

Depends on what the spanking is for. So for punishment: combo all the way. For less serious: a good long hard spanking with my hand is the best.

Where is your favest place to acquire implements?

I love Ian’s stuff from The London Tanners….he is a craftsman..and is funny as hell. Amber from Texas has a boyfriend who makes great stuff. I have gotten some great stuff on eBay. Sabrina is the master at finding the best stuff! Antique rRazor straps….and clothes brushes. She even found a beautiful strap that had “we beat em all” stamped on it.

What is the favorite implement that you currently own?

My favorite is the large razor strap I have. It is my fav because women fear it the most.

Just to back up a bit, were you born with the spanko gene? or did you get into this later in life?

I gave my first spanking at 4 — isn’t funny how you can remember some things? I spanked a lot of the girls in the neighborhood growing up.

There was a private cove called “Shell Beach” where I would introduce girls to their first spankings not from their parents.

I spanked a girl named Robin down there. She had bruises on her butt from a spanking from her Dad earlier that week. I spanked her a lot…since she still got spanked at home. Well, I had to be careful not to encroach.

I had a spanking relationship in High School with a pretty little 105 lb girl with a bubbled white tan-lined bottom — maybe that is why I like tan lines so much.

We were friends with a teacher Mr. Miata. (wow — I am amazed I remember his name) He would let us have lunch in the class room. I would have her bend over the desk and spank her with his pointer and yard stick. It was pretty hot — knowing she was walking around the rest of the day with a red bottom.

In the pre-Internet days, how did you satiate your spanking curiosity?

I was a surfing instructor on Waikiki Beach for years. It was pretty easy. I probably spanked a lot more girls in that time frame. I used to say on my safety lesson:

“I am responsible for your safety out here. Pay close attention. If you do something you were instructed not to do…I have been know to slap butts out there.”

There were always a couple that giggled a little louder than the rest. You know what I am saying?

Indeed. Any future plans for Dallas Spanks Hard, and the website in general, you would like to share?

I am launching a new site soon, which will be called Spanko a Go-Go. It will offers all my years of spanking video footage but recut, remastered and in multi-player formats.

Hey one more thing, I just want to say this: I have had so many loyal fans out there. I rarely get to say thank you. So here it is:

Mahalo & Aloha for all your support for all these years!

Thank you Dallas and spank on!

* * *

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28 thoughts on “Of Surfing, Singing and Spanking: A Q&A with Dallas”

  1. What a fun read! Even though Dallas and I are friends…I learned some things about him I never knew. Great interview!

  2. Good interview. Dallas spanks way harder than I could ever bring myself to do to my girl, but I like his work. I was very interested in his other work in TV and movies. Doesn’t surprise though, He is a talented individual.

  3. Out of that entire excellent interview, the one thing I’m most envious of is that Dallas got to work on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It’s a favorite show of mine. And giving Eliza Dushku a lick of the strap? Yum!

    Dr. Ken

  4. “I am responsible for your safety out here. Pay close attention. If you do something you were instructed not to do…I have been know to slap butts out there.”

    I remember, a long while back reading a letter sent in to one of those old spanking newsletters/home made mags I use to pick up from Downtown books. That is he said at the end of his RL story in which he describes 2 spanking relationships he had growing up. He ended up being a surfing instructor .

    Could he be one of the same? 😯

  5. Great job, Dave. Dallas is a real fav of ours. Being a true hard wired spanko comes through. Very interesting guy too… and, of course… he works with some lovely ladies.

    Todd & Suzy

  6. Great interview, Dave – and some fascinating info on the big man! I never realised he had so many hidden talents! I’m becoming a big fan of his style – I might just have to purchase a membership now, LOL! 😀

  7. Hey thanks everyone! Dave really did a great job of asking the right questions. I have been around in the genre for a long time. Just try to have fun…. and live like I was dying. Dallas

  8. The above guy calls himself FatherJon. He says he is a catholic priest. Hence the FatherJon”. Here is the good stuff. He takes pictures inside of a church with some red bottomed hooker….has this hooker bend over Tombstones of probably some good catholics. Then writes on spanking personal boards looking for live in spankees to live with him and his hooker! He suggests that is would be better if she was from the inner workings of the church herself!” He then goes on discussion boards and whines about how women on the boards aren’t serious about getting spankings from him! Ya think? This guy makes us all look bad! This is why I have a problem with his and what he does!
    If you want to write to him in Canberra…here is his email address
    cassarjon@hotmail. Well one of the many I have already aquired.
    He will probbaly tell you ths “Go in peace my son” What a CREEPY OLD DUDE!”

  9. Well, it’s a fair general depiction of me, with several blatant errors, and Dull Ass’s usual love of answering reason with crap.
    My live-in spankee of 2 years is no ‘hooker’, just a dedicated submissive, devoted to pleasing her ‘Daddy’
    What could be wrong with that?
    A lapsed Catholic herself, she has a penchant for being spanked and caned in strange places, churches, graveyards,parks, secluded rooms in pubs etc.
    Don’t most subbies cherish the frisson of ‘public’ spankings, with the fear of almost being caught?
    My original complaint on FetLife, which attracted the ire of Dull Ass, was my regret that there are so many wannabes and fantasists amongst the many women who do contact me. I waste so much time giving these people my valuable attention only to have them make excuses close to time. Having said that, there are also plenty of others most willing to bend over for me, with my girl watching and taking the pics.
    I thank Dull Ass for contributing my email addy for anyone to contact me. A welcome piece of advertising, although I’m sure that wasn’t Dull Ass’s motive.
    He’s a sad case to be sure, but I wish him peace in his purgatory.

  10. There is no such this as purgatory or HELL… I will have lunch there with Santa and the Easter Bunny right? Just say a couple of “Our Fathers” and you will be A-OK right.? Then grab another alter boy. FEAR IS YOUR ONLY GOD DUMM ASS.

    You are a FREAK….and I NEVER use that term trust me Father/Daddy ,,,,urrggh

  11. I’m sure that Santa and the Easter Bunny, and maybe the Tooth Fairy, will find it perplexing to find themselves dining with a non-believer. Me too.

    I’m sure that God will forgive you, Dull Ass.


  12. God?…whose God? Your God? The same God that deems it as alright to desecrate his church….that God? The God that says ” Oh Father Jon Jackass…it is ok to have yoong girls bend over headstones? ”

    You are a hypocrite father J… maybe your God will forgive you. Maybe not…

  13. Alas, Dull Ass, my weakness has caught me out!
    I was de-frocked for that precise peccadilo, but our good Lord liked the young stuff too, and has put me in charge of ‘fallen women’ who need a fatherly hand..or both hands!

    Don’t forget that some nuns in the mother church like to flagellate and be flagellated. That’s permissible according to ancient and current doctrine.

    Mock not what you are not equipped to comprehend, Dull Ass.

  14. Hi Folks,

    Much as I love to see constructive comments on my blog, I’m not into two people going after each other on my website.

    Would you be so kind as to move this back-and-forth comment battle amongst yourselves to somewhere else, I’d be much obliged.

    Thank you 🙂

    Best regards,

  15. The coolest spanker out there.! Nice interview. I have always wondered though why he spanks so hard, it is hard to understand it for me . I just would think if this was about learning lessons, lessons are learned pretty early in a Dallas spanking.
    I hope one day to be able to ask him in person, 🙂

  16. I see that Dull Ass is still dining out on my earlier emails. Guy’s a joke. In my book he’s even more of an arsehole – God save him – as so many of my delightful young ladies from the USA tell me. Can’t argue with the punters, no matter how much Dull Ass cares to spin himself in the Cherry Report.

    At least he’s not still threatening me privately with physical threats from his surfie gang members downunder.


  17. Poor old Father Jon… Sorry everyone. This guy is so miserable. Let’s all give FJ a big hug ( I’ll put my arm around your neck like we’re cool….then I’ll break it- Kid Rock)

  18. …but he is still threatening. Typical of his kind!

    I’ll pray for your soul, my son, and your arsehole!

    Kid Rock indeed, shows the adolescent mentality!


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