New Art by Klauth: Spanked by Spiderman?

Woo new spank art–I can not get enough of fresh, tasty spanking art. Or maybe it’s the 5 sangria’s I drank tonite? Yum.

Thank you very much to yet another excellent artist from Italy, the artist known as Klauth, who I have featured numeous times on this blog HERE.

And no your computer is not upside down. Klauth justttttttt sent me his latest intriguing and most curious and spanktastic image — apparently this bratgurl got Spiderman’s spanko juices flowing mightily. And paid a heavy price indeed! But what, you may ask, does the caption bubble mean? I have not the slightest.

Be that as it may, this miscreant was forthwith literally left hanging around by Spidey’s steel-like spiderweb; skin-tight jeans shredded; diaphanous thong [gotta’ love the detail by Klauth] on display; tanned ass emanating cherry red goodness. A unigue image for sure…

Hopefully the artist will offer The Cherry Red Report more background info on this cool image post haste.  Stay tuned, fellow spankos!  My spidey senses are tingling. . .

* * *

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8 thoughts on “New Art by Klauth: Spanked by Spiderman?”

  1. Ewwww – that web clutching her jeans, and tendrils curling around the sides. (I hate spiders!)

    About the lenses, maybe she got fingerprints on his glasses (or am I thinking of Clark Kent?) Or on his spidey eyes?

    Maybe it will become clear after more sangria!


  2. I loved comic books as I kid, but comic type spanking pics might make me want to pick that hobby up again. I’ve obviously not outgrown the needs for spanking, why not enjoying art of someone else getting theirs. 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Dave! A very cute and funny piece of artwork 🙂

    My guess as to the meaning of the caption is as follows – since the girl in question is a red-head, I’m thinking she’s meant to be Mary Jane Watson. i.e., Spiderman’s alter-ego is Peter Parker, and Mary Jane Watson is his girlfriend. And since Peter is a photographer, I’m guessing the lenses in question are his camera lenses 🙂

    Or at least that’s my theory – I don’t know much about comics, but learned a bit about Spiderman due to watching far too many cartoons as a kid 🙂

    I also remember reading a news article about a Mary Jane statue that caused some controversy due to its provocative pose. Controversial or not, the statue would probably be enjoyed by spankos, due to the strategically torn jeans, etc, lol –>

  4. Lenses can get very expensive, a good set three or four lenses plus a camera body might be worth anywhere from $3000 to $12000. I wouldn’t even let someone hold my camera if I had a good lens on it.

  5. He’s good! Way to merge two seemingly unrelated art forms. I wouldn’ mind that hanging on the wall. The wicked side of me wants to see a nice big glass dildo violation thrown in for good measure.

  6. Peter Parker (Spiderman’s secret identity) is a photographer. Very often, just before going into action as Spiderman, he sets his camera up to automatically take pictures of the action. Later on, he sells these pictures to the newspaper he works for.
    If this young lady was messing with his lenses, she probably ruined the shots, those costing him some major bucks! Hence, her red bottom and her webbed-up predicament….
    Lovely artwork!

    Dr. Ken

  7. Dr. Ken, you’re a genius! Thanks for that explanation.

    While you were reading Spiderman, Batman et al, I was enjoying Little Lulu, Nancy, Little Lotta and Richie Rich. Much more spanking in those comics. 🙄


  8. Thx to all for the informative comments as always, and for offering some context and background info on this spanktastic illo.


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