Obama Spanks Sarah Palin! A New Foto Parody by Mr. Hyde

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Anyone want to suggest a caption??

Many thanks and a Cherry Red shout-out to PhotoShop master of kinko spanko goodness “Mr. Hyde” for creating this fresh ‘n’ politically-incisive photo parody for The Cherry Red Report. While a few months out-of-date, electorally-speaking, it still resonates.

And to paraphrase Mark Twain, humor and laughter is the last great weapon of humanity.

Anyway, now this is “Change We Can Believe In” in which President Obama turns Sarah “I Can See Russia From Alaska” Palin over his knee for some red-ass inspired Change. Hm…wonder if Senator McCain ever was tempted to do the same and make his mark on this maverick’s caboose.

The comments left on the previous Mr. Hyde feature on this blog here: Judge Judy Punishes Paris Hilton! inspired the Obama Spanks Palin image above.

WARNING: Please be VERY careful what suggestions you leave in the comment box — they just might end up as a foto parody on this blog. No celebrity is truly safe from Mr. H’s computerized graphical spanktastic deviations.

[And thank you to blog master Chross for originally hipping me to the graphical stylings of Mr. Hyde. I love folks like Mr. H that have tons of fun with our ‘lil fetish.]

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BONUS IMAGE: Here’s another gorgeous parody Mr. H recently created for the Chross blog: Tabloid fodder Jessica Simpson swatting sassy pop-tart from hell Avril Lavigne.

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20 thoughts on “Obama Spanks Sarah Palin! A New Foto Parody by Mr. Hyde”

  1. Nice 🙂 I’d have preferred to see Palin going over Michelle Obama’s knee, but then Michelle is one of my all time top fantasy spankers. I can easily imagine how Barack might deal with the stress and responsibility of the presidency under the firm and guiding hand of his loving mentor…

  2. caption…
    “Yes Mr. President, I regret having made all that trouble during the election campaing! Please show me the error of my ways, Sir….”

  3. Very nice photo, Dave. Do you suppose that outfit was paid for by American taxpayers when she went on her pre-election shopping spree?


  4. It’s fantastic photo. I only wish that I was the one that ‘s spanking her. I personally would give her six of the best with a cane, maybe even more on that voluptous bare bottom of her’s . Notice how erotic the photo is, when Sarah Palin is wearing garter-belt and stockings.

  5. “Hiya! Do you mind, ‘ya know, if I call ya Barack? You know, like, when you said that we were gonna’ debate the Global Warming thing or whatever, climate stuff, with the American people, or, society in general, and hard-workin’ God-lovin’, tax-payin’ people such as Joe the Plumber, they didn’t media train and pre-prep me for this kinda’ Global Warming……….OUCH!!”

  6. The captions above are hilarious! Here’s a few more:

    “White House – Red Bottom”

    “Whuppin’ a Wasillian’

    “Civic Duty – Smackin’ Booty”

  7. A matter of taste – so far, this fetish zone seemed to be free of politics and it was good that way. No more, so it seems. I see this posting a photoshopped rendition of two current political figures in a spanking situation, however the context is that this is a non-consensual scene. In this image, the poster really shows his bias against the spankee, does that mean that we advocate non-consensual spanking? Is it not true that it becomes violence and abuse then? Or is it OK if the spankee “deserves” it in such context? Do we just cherry-pick our moral causes?

  8. I’ve wished for this spanking scene along time. Yes, this naughty lady called Sarah Palin, should by all means be given a spanking in the Oval Office of President Barach Obama. Yes, with her dress raised waist high, and her bloomer’s taken down, this beautiful attractive, but naughty lady, should be given a good spanking. on her bare bottom. And I mean a good spankings.

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