Double Tushy Tanning & More News From Clare Fonda

Multitasking, spanko-style. Spanktastic foto taken by spanko shutterbug Clare Fonda. Here we have Abigail Whittaker and new model Ashli Orion getting it OTK-style at Clare Fonda’s My Spanking Roommate website.

You know, I did double-take when I saw this flippin’ sweet double tushy OTK tanning pic with Abi and new model Ashli on Clare’s My Spanking Roommate, also available via Clare’s Multi-Site Pass.

***More pix from this Abi/Ashli series can be seen HERE and HERE.

Not something one sees everyday: enhanced spanking efficiency and spanko multitasking. One might suppose if you have two naughties to punish, it might be a major time saver to yank them both over the knee together? “Both of you, over my lap, this instant!” Any thoughts on this?

Anyone ever have two miscreants over their lap simultaneously? Anyone ever fantasize about such a scenario? Long legs and a large lap, and two compact squirming cuties, help immensely in this procedure, I would assume.

NOTE TO SELF: Engage in more research on this topic immediately.

There’s so much Clare Fonda activity, it’s a challenge to stay up-to-date on the yummyness. But do perv on over to some of the new Sweeties at Clare’s completely refurbished Spanked Sweeties site, which features heaps of intimate, candid interviews on these hotties’ spanking histories, and naturally, sizzling cherry-red spanking. Speaking of sizzling, is Chloe looking more beautiful than ever or what?

Anyway, check out the too-cute-to spank fresh new Sweetie Isobel Wren [pictured below] who gets spanked by Momma Clare, and gets a dose of the leather belt from Daddy as well; the lovely Heidi Mayne; the birthday spanking of Sarah Gregory; pro-fetish model Snow Mercy; Clare’s “Mothers & Daughters ’09” film, and much more cherry red goodness.

Isobel Wren on Sweeties: No stranger to old-fashioned domestic discipline.

Lest I forget, one can never get enough Alannah Rae. Check her out here in tiny pink-shorts, and more here in my all-time fav: this classic tight-jeans set.

* * *

HOT OFF THE PRESS from Firm Hand Spanking: Wow. Amelia Jane Rutherford in pigtails(!), plaid skirt, and gettin’ the paddle. Hmm mm perfection. Click here for a free video clip and some gorgeous photos. Enjoy.

* * * * *

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4 thoughts on “Double Tushy Tanning & More News From Clare Fonda”

  1. Thank you for the post, Dave. You’ll be happy to know I am in the process of setting up a shoot with Mina Meow. I beleive she is one of your faves.

  2. First I’d like to say what a sweetly-spankable girl is Clare Fonda! I”d like to see her spanked more often, preferably with the strap, because nothing says “I love you” like leather ; )
    I am also becoming a big fan of Abi Whittaker, and, of course, I have always been hot for Pixie Wells. Yes, hot. I may as well be honest here. Miss Wells has made my hormones race since I first saw her on the web.
    And although I’m not sure how any of that leads into what I’m about to say…but…it’s distressing to me to see how some of the spanking sites, primarily the Russian sites, are drifting toward very harsh canings and whippings of very young ladies, who’s recovery time from such punishments must be lengthy.
    I’ve always firmly believed that a spanking, even a punishment spanking should administered in a way that leaves the young lady stinging and hot, but also warm in all the other right places. And I’m seeing much too much of this harsh asswhipping lately…too harsh to be considered anything but brutal, in my opinion. If a strict punishment spanking is called for, then by all means let it be given, but not in a way that takes many days for the recepient to fully recover.
    Now, back to my original thought…Hello Ms. Fonda!
    Yes, I know there are many beautiful young ladies who are bared and spanked by you, but I would be delighted to find YOU squirming and purring across my knee any day, and I wish more men said so too.
    While they spend their time leering at the young girls, I’m enjoying watching you take a nice brisk spanking over someone’s lap. What can I say? I guess it must be those mischevious wide eyes of yours that tempt me, I’m not sure. But I do hope to see you more often on the other side of the paddle.
    Hugs and best wishes,

    Thomas (the Serial Spanker)

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