Spanking Star & Fetish Model Sinn Sage Hospitalized

I received an email today from Chelsea Pfeiffer that one of our own, the exquisite spanking superstar and fetish model extraordinaire Sinn Sage, was hospitalized a few days ago with a very serious head injury from a snowboarding accident, but is doing well in her recovery so far.

She had emergency surgery, and is breathing on her own now. Doctors expect a full recovery–though she has a very long road ahead of healing and physical therapy. [Addendum: Working on some Hope-themed SaveSinn graphics, posters & buttons–feel free to repost them if you’d like.]

* * *Your well wishes can be posted directly on the guestbook at, and the site is accepting donations to help defray the mounting hospital bills to date of $160,000. The site will also offer updates on how Sinn is progressing in her recovery. * * *

I want to say that we are a wonderful and strong and very caring community.

Let us all have Sinn Sage in our thoughts, in our prayers, in our hearts and minds, today and for always, for a very speedy recovery.

***Below is the note from Chelsea:

“Our lovely, exciting and completely wonderful Sinn Sage has been in a terrible accident. She was snowboarding in Whistler, Canada, close to Vancouver and hit an ice pack and hit her head. She’s in a hospital in Vancouver where she’s in an induced coma.

“After surgery to remove the fluid from her brain she is doing well and is breathing on her own, which is very good news. She’ll be in the coma for about two weeks and is being moved to a hospital closer to home tomorrow. Her medical expenses are up to $160,000 so far, though.

“A website has been set up to accept donations to help with her medical expenses, and for all to leave postings for her to read once she’s better.

“It would be a great, great favor if you all could do a little posting, mentioning the website, to help her out. Also, even if you can’t donate, just leave a note of encouragement for her. I know she’ll appreciate it. Thanks in advance.”


* * *

More info from the website:

If you prefer to donate by mail:

10808 Foothill Blvd, Suite 160 PMB 468
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Please make checks or money orders payable to Randi Newton, she has set up all the accounts and will be handling all of the donations on behalf of the family.

Flower and cards are not being accepted at this time. She will be transferring hospitals tomorrow. Everything is fine, just trying to get her closer to home.

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5 Responses to Spanking Star & Fetish Model Sinn Sage Hospitalized

  1. Corey says:

    I still can’t believe it! I was checking her site to see the latest updates after work today and I read this horrible news! I joined her site a few weeks ago and I meant to write her and tell her how amazing the videos are and how much I enjoy being a member but I never did! She is so beautiful and thank God she is expected to make a full recovery but she has a long road ahead of her with rehab! I just hope she doesn’t suffer too much pain as she recovers! God Bless You Miss Sage!

  2. Very sweet sentiments, Corey. I’m sure you’ll be able to email her about how you’re enjoying her site soon.

  3. Dallas says:

    Sinn is very special to me. I gave her her first on camera spanking. She is radiant… with a laugh that is infectious. I am going to put together a DVD of her shoot with me. All proceeds will go to her fund. That being said you can pre-order “Sinn’s Super Spanking ” at :
    DST Productions 4570 Van Nuys Blvd # 462 Sherman Oaks CA 91403 50.00/DVD to go into the Save Sinn fund.

    I will include outtakes and unseen footage as well. Let’s show her what this community is made of!


    Here is a chance everyone to do some real good for our lovely Sinn Sage

  4. Tiggs says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this! It sounds awful, but it could have been ever so much worse! Just hope she heals quickly and fully… it’s great to see the community pulling together to support her, too!

  5. tim says:

    Great to hear that Sinn is making steady progress,loveto her from tim xx

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