Repost in Honor of Sinn: Celebrity Guest Columnist Sinn Sage on the Art of Erotic Spanking

[Editorial Addendum: The following is a Cherry Red Repost in honor of adult/fetish/spanking superstar Sinn Sage, who is making major strides in her recovery from a serious head injury from snowboarding.

The latest is she is now breathing on her own, and talked on the phone with family. Woo! However, Sinn faces a very long arduous journey to full recovery.

I checked with Chelsea Pfeiffer on this, and we both thought it would be a cool to repost this guest column by Sinn [originally posted on this blog January 2009] as a tribute to her, and, well, to show how much we love Sinn and how much she rocks.

The bottomline is Sinn is one of the most amazing erotic spankees, and spankers, I have ever seen.

{The “Hope” posters are promo button/posters I made in honor of Sinn and to help promote SaveSinn. Feel free to repost them as you wish.}

Be sure to check out and sign her guestbook, donate if you can, and let’s all pray for her speedy recovery.

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[The following is a Cherry Red Repost. Article originally posted January 2009.]

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We are proud to present our first “Celebrity Guest Columnist” on The Cherry Red Report.:twisted:

The following are some wonderful tips and suggestions on erotic spanking written exclusively for this blog, and penned by a true expert on the topic, a spank sage, if you will: fetish model extraordinaire and lifelong spankosexual Sinn Sage of SpankSinn fame.

Folks, I suggest you take notes. You know I am.

If you haven’t seen the X-rated SpankSinn, a relatively new site, prepare yourself for a new level of hard searing spanking and REAL explicit erotic hotness, cherry-red steaming asses and provocative pussy play, taken to a delicious intensity of drool-inducing arousal that is rare to find in the spanking industry.

All presented in an amazing dynamic of loving discipline. It’s truly beautiful to behold.

Sinn’s site is part of the network of sites from the unstoppable and amazing Chelsea Pfeiffer of GoodSpanking fame and Good Spanking Classics, and I believe many of these truly awe-inspiring images are taken by Chelsea.

You will see on SpankSinn sizzling, loving spanking mixed with unbridled pleasure.

Bottom worship taken to the explicit extreme. Alternative uses for the narrow end of a hairbrush.

Tongues teasing, pleasuring burning gorgeous asses. Fingers probing. Vibes and toys playfully mixed in with hot discipline. Bright red burning bottoms.

You will see Sinn get her spank on with such naughty co-conspirators as the legendary Nina Hartley, Charlie Laine, Ariel-X, Jade Indica, Charlotte Stokely and more.

Be sure to visit SpankSinn and check out the spanko goodness. And I’m sure readers have suggestions NOT on the list below–feel free to comment with your own suggestions and advice. Comments are welcome and encouraged as always. And thank you Sinn for taking the time to share your wisdom with us.

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The important thing in erotic spanking is mixing pleasure with your pain, something I’ve always been thrilled by.

Although a mindset of “punishment” can help with the eroticism, reward should be interspersed throughout.

While your hand may be focused on the bottom, keep your mind in tune to the entire body.

Pull hair to make her (or his) head snap back, look deep into her eyes, then push her head back down and spank that ass some more.

Bring her to the edge of not being able to take any more, then stop, and rub softly and delicately.

Try running your fingernails lightly over her poor, red bottom.

Anticipation is one of the best parts about being whacked: get a rhythm to the spank going, then stop, wait for a minute (hopefully her eyes are closed and head is down), and suddenly smack it again!

Let yourself get into the sexuality of it. Don’t ignore the fact that you are totally getting off on spanking that cute butt.

Bite her back, neck, or ear as you’re smacking.

Let your fingers wander down to her pussy gently, which should be getting a little wet, and explore down there in between long spanking sessions.

Instead of shouting angrily, whisper or growl into her ear what a naughty, dirty little girl she’s been.

The variation of the spankings with the pussy play will build up tension so much that eventually you will both be going crazy! Put your face down there!

Spank it hard then kiss it, you will love feeling that heat on your lips.

Now, why don’t you have her stand up with her panties around her ankles and a tear running down her cheek, tell her she’s been a good girl for taking that spanking so well, and ask her what she would like as a reward for being such an obedient spankee?

I’m sure you’ll be able to get creative from there!

If you dig SpankSinn, do check out:

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7 thoughts on “Repost in Honor of Sinn: Celebrity Guest Columnist Sinn Sage on the Art of Erotic Spanking”

  1. Do you all see what I mean about Sinn? I wasn’t just spouting off when I said the woman is spank-sex super-charged. She is a spanking sexual force that washes over you whether you’re giving or recieving, or watching. I actually haven’t let Sinn spank me, yet. So, I guess I only know about the recieving part from what I’ve seen of the ladies she’s teamed with on her site. We’re having a LOT of fun shooting for SpankSinn, especially Larry watching through the lens of his camera. I think people think it’s a lesbian site, and surely lesbians will find plenty there to satisfy. But, it’s really still a girl spank girl, then girl pleasures girl site.

  2. I found SpankSinn a couple of months ago. It is hands down the best spanking site I’ve seen in a long time. The level of sexual energy, combined with good spankings is excellent. I’ve always been a fan of Chelsea, I think I’m on her spanking wavelegnth or something, but Sinn is an absolute dream.

    Even my wife, who indulges my love of spanking (and to a lesser degree hers) thinks Sinn is hot

  3. great tips from Sinn on erotic spanking which is my favorite type of spanking! God she is so awesome! I gotta give Dave props on pointing me in the right direction for erotic spanking sites! He recommended Chelsea’s Site Good Spanking which I love then thru her site I found Sinn’s site and love it as well! Now I’m a member of 2 amazing erotic sites with girls who are extremely pretty, naughty, erotic and it just so happens the ladies of both these sites have the most amazing Sugartushy Hineybuns ever, lol! Sinn even says “tushy” in her spanking scene with Jessica Bangkok, thanks so much for that Sinn! Now hurry up and get better I need you back soon! I think Sinn and Chelsea should do a video together when Sinn is all better spanking each other so we can see both gorgeous tushies being spanked and caressed in that great sexy erotic way they know how! hearing them say tushy and hiney alot wouldn’t hurt either, but thats just me, lol, sorry I’m such a dork! I have another idea for a video for Sinn so I’ll have to email you later about that! Please get well soon Sinn for selfish reasons and because I along with many others care about you deeply and wish you nothing but the best!

  4. Sinn’s continuing to heal at an amazingly fast pace. That’s our girl! She always exceeds expectations. I had said in my first comment on this post when it ran the first time that I’d never been spanked by Sinn. Well, that’s history now. She gave me my birthday spanking this year and WOW! She has learned her spanking lessons well and gives one of the best spankings I’ve ever had. We’re planning a revenge spanking to the Step Mom story on as soon as she better and can get back to getting and giving spankings, which I’m sure won’t be too long. She’s strong willed and super intelligent. She always gets her way. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to see these 2 team up again for another fantastic tushy tanning video! Chelsea and Sinn are definitely in my Hiney Hall of Fame especially when it comes to spanking! The way they run their fingertips over the tushy after a flurry of spanks is an erotic art form and they should teach a class on it! I still wanna see Chelsea getting her heavenly hiney spanked by the sexy Sinn though! Hey I have an idea when Sinn is all better they should do monthly “spank chats” online together! apparently I like to live dangerously because chatting with these lovely ladies online and watching them spank each other live would pretty much kill me! let me re-think my great idea and update my life insurance while I’m at it, lol!

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